Wednesday, February 22, 2017

HKG: Hung's Delicacies

Hong Kong's airport is a shopper's paradise for all sorts of items. Food is high on the list of specialities. The airport's food is abundant, authentic, and surprisingly reasonably priced.

While I waited for the hotel bus, I spied Hung's Delicacies. I hadn't eaten much during the trip and looked forward to eating something. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to try good food without waiting another hour.

Most of the menu was variety meats but I decided that airplane food had been enough variety for one day. I went with what was billed as pork ribs but was actually a pork belly. It was served at room temperature, soft and succulent. Those are peanuts in the bottom of the bowl. (Why don't we serve peanuts and pork more often in Georgia?) The meat was superbly prepared and very comforting. I barely noticed the scenery as we drove to the hotel.

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