Friday, March 3, 2017

Hong Kong: Luk Yu Tea House

Yunfei introduced me to the uniquely Hong Kong experience of Luk Yu Tea House. It blends the Chinese and British in ways that you only see in Hong Kong.

As you can see, the d├ęcor blends English and Chinese elements. This is an elegant place with superb service and outstanding food.

Here is our waiter serving our pig lung soup. The lungs were much softer and finer than sponges. The soup was almond with a few thin slices of tangerine skin. The combination was a wonderful mix of sweet and salty with a hint of tangerine tang.

This chicken dish gave me the chance to refine my skills for eating meat off the bones. I've decided that I really enjoy this way to eat. It adds quite a bit of flavor and also encourages me to slow down and savor.

This beef dish was great but...

this brisket was superb, savory and tender. Each of us received our own prepared bowl.

As I messed with my camera, our waiter appeared out of nowhere and asked in perfect English if he could take our picture. As he took this photo, he made warm, witty comments to put us at ease. That experience perfectly encapsulates my experience at Luk Yu and is a wonderful memory of this singular city.

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