Thursday, March 2, 2017

Hong Kong: Lotus House

Yunfei tells me that Lotus House is 100 years old and quite famous---even before it appeared in a Wong Kar Wai film. It it located up a flight of stairs, giving it a more quite feel. You can see that the d├ęcor has a lived-in, old fashioned feel. The waiters move around quietly. The patrons sit quietly, too. Everyone takes their time with their tea and dim sum.

We visited in early afternoon, which is a slow time for dim sum. After a few minutes, our waiter came over and told us quietly that we should go across the room for a dim sum cart. We scurried over so we wouldn't miss anything. Several of the options were variety meat, and of course pork was prominent. But after a big lunch we just chose a red bean paste bun. It was the perfect way to enjoy the atmosphere.

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