Monday, March 6, 2017

Pine Mountain GA: Three Lil' Pigs BBQ

Pine Mountain is a cute little town. Three Lil' Pigs is on the main drag. It's in an old-fashioned style of burger building, with seating both outside and inside. The staff is very friendly and helpful. When I asked the gentleman at the counter what I should order, he first said "everything," then recommended the ribs since I had mentioned that I was hungry.

Here is the generous spread. The half rack came wrapped in foil, where it had been for only a moment given the lack of drippings at the bottom. The ribs themselves were OK, nothing special. The hot sauce was tangy and tasty, not so hot as to make me tear up but quite flavorful. The sides were quite good. The green beans (lima? I'm never sure about green beans) were my favorites with a soft texture and buttery taste. The red beans were also very good. The slaw was excellent and the pickle slices on top were a nice touch. The bread was thick and of higher quality than you typically see as a BBQ side; it was nicely toasted, too.

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