Sunday, April 16, 2017

Chamblee: Lee's Tofu House

Lee's Tofu House has been on Buford Highway for quite some time. I finally paid a visit and was well-pleased with my experience. Tofu houses don't serve just vegetarian food and Lee's menu was no exception. Tofu is clearly a theme but it doesn't limit the palate of these retsaurants.

Everything came at once. These are my appetizers in the traditional array of small dishes. All were delicious. None were, in my opinion, very hot. I particularly enjoyed the kimchi, pickled cucumber, and bean sprouts.

My tofu hot pot was a big dish and a very hearty meal. The large serving of tofu was lightly oven-crisped to provide a nice texture. The surrounding vegetables were all very tasty. Everything was served on a bed of rice. I walked away satisfied and satiated.

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