Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Eating Around Georgia Tech: Tiff's Treats

The end of the semester seemed like the perfect opportunity to try one of those newfangled cookie delivery outfits, using my students as taste testers. These cookies were delivered fresh and hot from Tiff's Treats. I ordered three varieties: classic chocolate chip, snickerdoodle, and M&M cookies. I was a little disappointed that they couldn't guarantee that these were peanut-free. When I asked, they said they use the same equipment to make peanut- and non-peanut cookies. Given the vastly increased incidence of peanut allergies, I would hope that cookie companies and bakeries in general could figure out effective ways to provide peanut-free options for those who need them while also providing peanut items to peanut nuts like me.

One of my students summed up the overall class reaction: "This isn't a two dollar cookie." The cookies were warm, soft, and sweet. But they didn't grab me. Cookie mavens know that chocolate chip cookies in particular are better after a day---a good chocolate chipper needs to age and mellow like a fine wine. I also think that a good cookie combines a crunchier crust with a soft inside. These cookies had a very uniform texture that I suspect would be less appealing after they cooled.

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