Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Lausanne, Switzerland: Grocery Shopping

For my last night in Switzerland, I decided to take a snack back to the hotel. So I visited the campus supermarket, located right next to the train stop and convention center. It is a little larger than a U. S. convenience store. It certainly carries a lot of prepared items, catering as it does to students, but it also has some more interesting selections.

Stacks of cases of beer greet patrons at the entrance.

The cheeses include both major brands and more local selections. I chose a very nice Emmenthaler. I also picked up a loaf of wonderful, crusty bread sprinkled with seeds. The bread in Switzerland is a treat.

The wine section spans the back walls.

Naturally, the store featured a large selection of chocolates. I picked up a five pack of Cailler dark chocolate bars. The prices were competitive with good U. S. prices for these brands. Given that Switzerland's prices are in general very high, that makes these bars a bargain.

And here is something you don't see at the Quickie Mart in Springfield---a case of Cuban cigars next to the checkout stand.

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