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Lunch at The Federal

I posted a few months ago about my wonderful breakfast at the Federal. I thought it was time to try their lunch fare. The place was lively but the bar stools were completely empty. My service there exhibited the sort of grace and courtesy that one would expect at a restaurant of this caliber. I ordered the steak frites from my waiter. After a few minutes, the chef delivered my plate.

This was my very large plate, simply brimming with umami. The salad included bits of bleu cheese. It also hid some fingerling Yukon Gold potatoes, served cold. The steak was rich-tasting and buttery in texture. The butter was a grace note that I used sparingly. The fries were classic and made without any of the cheats. (You do realize that fast food outlets coat their fries to make them crunchier?) Not only was the texture wonderful---crunch on the outside, tender on the inside---but the big grains of salt gave wonderful little pings of flavor.


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Decatur: Golden Buddha

category: interesting Chinese/Korean restaurant
summary: ask for the special menu---ordering the right thing is important

Hyesoon and I went to Golden Buddha on Clairmont for dinner. I've driven by there dozens of times and never been in. Even if I had, I probably wouldn't have ordered the right things. It turns out that this restaurant has a big reputation among Georgia Tech students as a good place for Chinese/Korean food that is good and reasonable. The restaurant is totally nondescript and, like many Asian restaurants, have a special menu that they generally give to Asians but not Causasians. I suspect that some of their dishes are ho-hum, but I definitely enjoyed our meal from the special menu.
My favorite dish was the seafood soup (which, by the way, is on the regular menu).  This large bowl is a half-serving.  It is chock full of seafood, a healthy dose of noodles, and a little greenery.  The broth was delicious. It was spicy but just enough to tickle your tongue. The tas…

Decatur: Janet's Kitchen

I just enjoyed a delicious, hearty dinner at Janet's Kitchen. It is located on Clairmont near Scott Boulevard. The restaurant is well-organized for both dining in and takeout. The prices are quite reasonable, too. The owners, who are very nice people who clearly love what they do, explained that Janet is his mom and that they named the restaurant after her. My pork adobo was hearty and delicious. The sauce was tangy, nicely salty, and very, very porky. I actually ate all the beans first---creamy and delicious. The rice was sticky, all the better for sopping up gravy. I also used the buttery cornbread to soak up the sauce.

Honolulu: LuLu's

I took an early morning walk down Waikiki Beach to enjoy the sunrise. It was a very enjoyable walk. Hawaiians rise early, the better to enjoy the surf. I stopped for breakfast at LuLu's, just across the street from the beach. The second floor location gives a superb view. My veggie omelet was homey and satisfying. This is good, coffee house style food. And what a view...