Friday, April 28, 2017

White House Diner

One of the few benefits of the highway disaster is the excuse to drive through different parts of town and try different places. If all the roads are terrible, I may as well mix things up a bit. The White House Diner is on Peachtree in Buckhead, nestled in the middle of a tiny strip mall that dates from Buckhead's days as a sleepy enclave on the edge of town. The parking lot was packed as I came in with just one spot left. Inside, the place was bustling with activity: customers fueled up and discussed their businesses with each other; servers and cooks moved quickly to prepare the meals. The d├ęcor was classic modern Greek diner, complete with pictures of beautiful Greek beaches.

Here is my breakfast: veggie omelet, grits, whole wheat bread. Everything was good. The vegetable selection in the omelet was one of the best I've had in awhile. The tomatoes were a special hit with their tartness. My server was friendly and smiling and kept the coffee coming.

Buckhead is in the middle of a radical transformation from prosperous suburb to something more like a cross between Rodeo Drive and Century City in Los Angeles. Not everything has changed. The White House is still here; you can still take a short stroll after breakfast to shop for guns and stereo equipment. I hope that the future doesn't completely steamroll the past in Buckhead. Some things are good just as they are.

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