Monday, May 22, 2017

Thomaston GA: Slices

Fruit shopping expeditions require fuel. I refueled with a very nice lunch at Slices in Thomaston, across the street from the county courthouse. This is a family-run place with very gracious service. The owner also told me that her husband made sure that the restaurant was easy to navigate for people in wheelchairs.

These fried green tomatoes were great. They had been thinly sliced, lightly breaded, and kissed with just a little bit of gorgonzola or similar cheese. The cheese provided the perfect bite to set off the tomatoes.

This is a mostly veggie pizza with some chicken for variety. the pizza was a little light on sauce, leaning toward a white pizza, but very good. The vegetables were plentiful; I particularly liked the twang of the green olives.

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