Monday, June 12, 2017

Breakfast at The General Muir

I decided that this week deserved a special kickoff. So I headed to The General Muir, across from CDC, for breakfast. The space is ideal for an elegant, restful breakfast with plenty of light and space. My service was very gracious.

I ordered two items. The omelet was very different from the standard diner omelet. The omelet itself was thick, fluffy, and light. The cream cheese filling was equally light and airy. I was initially wary of lettuce for breakfast but once I tried it I really enjoyed it. The Bibb lettuce was a perfect textural complement to the fluffy eggs; the light dressing with a hint of lemon was elegant.

The other dish was a side of schmaltz potatoes, schmaltz being chicken fat. The potatoes weren't quite as Maillard-ish as I had hoped, given the promise of frying in chicken fat. I found that their taste was dominated by the starch. But some onion and red pepper provided a nice complement.

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