Friday, June 2, 2017

Chamblee: Northern China Eatery

The Northern China Eatery has been around for several years but I noticed it just a few days ago. In my defense, it is well hidden, located both underneath and to the side of Italy Optical on Buford Highway. I parked my car at the bottom of the hill and opened the door to some wonderful smells. The kitchen fan is pointed directly into the parking lot, a smart marketing decision. Inside, the d├ęcor is old-fashioned homey and the staff is very helpful. The menu has an entire breakfast menu, with breakfast served all day. (I don't know when they open, though.) They also serve several variety meats such as tripe.

I tasted this beef with black bean sauce, which was savory but still delicate.

My sesame noodles were very good. The noodles were handmade and had a wonderful firm texture. The sesame noodle sauce was rich and nicely salty; it was thin enough to spread well over the noodles. I enjoyed seeing the different use of sesame in Chinese as compared to Middle Eastern food.

This scallion pancake was from the breakfast menu. It was delicious and didn't last long.

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