Thursday, June 29, 2017

Nashville TN: Monell's at the Mansion

Monell's in Germantown has been a favorite stop for me for 20 years. Little did I know that the Monell's empire has grown to three locations. One of them is next to the airport in this beautiful mansion. And they all serve breakfast in their trademark family style. The interior is beautiful; this must have been an amazing house in an earlier mansion. The first floor is filled with giant tables. It only took a minute to be seated even on a busy Saturday morning.

The first round of service kicks off the festivities with bread: sweet rolls and biscuits. Of course, a big bowl of gravy goes around the table, too, and it was tasty.

A few minutes later, the dishes start to come fast: their signature fried chicken, sausage, bacon, corn pudding, cheese grits. I lost track at some point. Everything was outstanding. I don't normally eat fried chicken for breakfast but I really enjoyed it. As for drinks, they serve both coffee and sweet tea. The sweet tea was outstanding and without a hint of bitterness. The tea urns carried the label of a major producer, so perhaps this is commercial rather than homemade. Wherever it comes from, it was another wonderful touch for an outstanding breakfast.

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