Friday, June 9, 2017

Olympic Flame

Olympic Flame is in the industrial section of Marietta Bouevard. This is a quiet part of town, without the traffic and people of midtown. Olympic Flame has been here for almost fifty years. Unlike the Silver Skillet and White House, which cater to the white collar crowd, Olympic Flame is a workingman's place. You can see this as soon as you walk in to find counter service. You can also see it in the menu, which favors portable breakfast a.k.a. breakfast sandwiches. They do have a seating area with classic Greek diner decorations. (Did some salesman sweep through town and sell every Greek diner the same posters? Or is there a from which everyone orders their Greek Diner Wall Hangings Kit?) I decided to eat inside, so I ordered and took a table. As I waited, guys stepped up to the counter, ordered, and sat to wait for their to-go breakfasts.

This is two orders, an omelet plus biscuits and gravy. The gravy was the star, made with a rich dose of chicken broth and generous bits of sausage. It was satisfying and very flavorful. The menu doesn't include a veggie omelet. Aside from the cheese-only omelet, all the others come with meat. But I could add in tomatoes, which I did. The omelet was very well prepared. The cheese was rich and generous, giving the dish a nice texture. The tomatoes were fresh and the acid bite complemented the cheese very well.

I don't come to this neighborhood often. But I do find it restful and a nice change of pace from corporate hustle of Midtown. I can easily imagine coming here again for a quiet breakfast, alone in the dining area with my food.

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