Sunday, June 25, 2017

Update: LT Organic Farm and Restaurant

I posted an entry on LT Organic after my last visit two years ago. I am posting again because this place is seriously underhyped. The term farm-to-table does not do it justice---your table is in the middle of the farm. The dining room's picture window looks out over this peaceful scene. Every aspect of this family-run enterprise contributes to inner peace: the beautiful place, the delicious and easy-to-digest food, the gracious service.

Here is the menu for the evening: some chicken, wonderful vegetables, and wonderful spices and flavors from both India and South America.

Here is my palte. The chicken is underneath the sautéed spinach and coconut, with rice below that. One of the reasons this place is so peaceful is that everything is perfectly cooked. The meat and vegetables are soft enough to be very easy on your system yet still retain texture and flavor. You can work your way around the plate and find an amazing variety of tastes.

I couldn't resist dessert and was able to taste both. The cupcake was very moist and rich. The cheesecake was rich and dense. They were perfectly sized, just enough to give me a satisfying end to a wonderful meal.

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