Sunday, July 16, 2017

Update: Jaemor Farms

A beautiful weekend seemed to be a good time for me to check on the state of north Georgia agriculture. The frost that descended across Georgia and South Carolina earlier this year damaged quite a bit of the fruit harvest. Jaemor seemed like a good place to survey the state of the crops. It may be easy to dismiss Jaemor as touristy, but behind that big stand is a big spread of all sorts of crops. And who can pass up their fried pies? This beauty was filled with dried peaches. The result was a marvelous variation on the standard. The dried peaches gave a more intense flavor and denser texture.

When I made it over to the produce section, I found that they had good stocks of several varieties of peaches and a big crop of blackberries. I consulted with one of the Jaemor staff, who was very knowledgeable and helpful. Given that my destination for this fruit would be pies, he pointed me to some bargains. The blackberries were labeled as overripe and priced 40% off. The peaches were small and 25% off. This is enough to give me two blackberry pies and three or four peach pies. I will savor them during those dark winter mornings as they remind me of summer days.

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