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Corn Pudding

Corn pudding is one of those foods I had never heard of before I moved to Atlanta. It turns out to be a delightful side dish, basically a bread pudding made with cornbread and corn. Bread pudding is itself bread soaked in a custard and adorned with raisins.

Here is the start of the custard, in this case buttermilk (why not?) and eggs. This dish is traditionally spiced with cinnamon and I like a little nutmeg as well. I use only a small amount of added sugar; the cornbread itself contains some sugar.

I like to throw in the corn early to be sure that it mixes well.

And here is the complete dish ready to go into the oven. It is pretty darn dense and takes about an hour to bake. The result is hearty and just sweet enough. I also think that the texture of cornbread is more interesting than that of many other types of bread used for bread pudding. It freezes extremely well so I don't have to worry about making a large batch---I can enjoy it several more times.


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