Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Eating Around Georgia Tech: Yeah! Burger

Yeah! Burger (don't forget the !) opened a few weeks ago in White Provisions on Howell Mill Road. It's a relatively large place with a great space---very lighton the inside and a large patio.

I tried a beef burger (grass fed) with bleu cheese on whole wheat and a half-and-half (fries and onion rings). The burger itself was a twin-patty rather than one thick patty. Restaurants generally do this to speed cooking but I find one thick patty to be a much more sensual experience. The burger was fine but the taste of the meat didn't really come through as much as I would have expected. The fries and o-rings were also good but not spectacular. The fries had a little bit of skin, which I like, but both had been sitting around for a few minutes before they arrived. I couldn't help but compare the place to Zesto. The menus and quality of food are fairly similar, although Yeah! emphasizes organic ingredients. But Zesto is at least as fresh and tasty and it's a little cheaper. Yeah! is a fun place for lunch with good food made with high quality ingredients, but don't go there expecting that some organic ingredients and a hip location add up to a gourmet burger.

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