Sunday, May 29, 2011

Lawrenceville: The Flying Machine

A recent radio story got me thinking about Gwinnett County Airport. The story mentioned a restaurant at the airport and as a flying nut I knew I had to try it some time.  Gwinnett County is a small airport. Although it has several bizjets, not much traffic takes off or lands there.  At PDK, in comparison, Friday night is a great time to watch the moguls jet home.  Gwinnett is more like the airports of old---a little sleepy, peaceful, soothing.

I sat on the patio, which is a great way to enjoy a summer evening, not to mention watch the airplanes.  A speaker plays the tower frequency so you can keep track of traffic around the airport.  When I arrived, a jump plane was parked in front of the restaurant.  (I could tell it was a jump plane because the right door was missing.)  After a few minutes the parachutists marched across the patio and into their plane, smoke canisters attached to their heels.  One of the kids eating dinner exclaimed "Are you guys nuts?@%#@!"  This is a very kid friendly place.

I went for the strip steak special.  This is airport food, nothing fancy, but it was very enjoyable.  Overall, a very nice experience.

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