Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bone Garden Cantina

Jennifer and I decided to try Bone Garden Cantina. It's in an interesting part of town---in the western industrial section, but in a totally new tragically hip district. The restaurant itself is in a new office building and there are scores of new condos all around. The signage isn't too obvious as you're driving by, but if you're driving to the north, look to your right for the skeleton. This restaurant is owned by the Vortex people; all I can say is that they must really like skeletons...

The style is quasi-tapas---servings are a little larger than what I think of as tapas, but they are relatively petite and you order each item individually. Don't expect combo plates here. This approach lets you try a variety of things easily. Our food was extremely fresh. I had a beef soft taco, a pork tamale, and a chicken empanada (probably my favorite). We also tried the banana empanada, which was quite tasty. Bone Garden Cantina on Urbanspoon

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  1. I just found your restaurant blog and I love it! You eat like I do! It's nice to find another foodie in the Atlanta area who has a love of ethnic foods. I'll definitely be looking forward to following your culinary adventures.

    Thanks for the reviews, we'll use them in good health!