Friday, July 9, 2010

Alpharetta: Alpha Soda

Alpha Soda was started in 1920. It's in a new building now, still near the old part of Alpharetta. The interior is a very nice wood with a 1920's feel.

The menu is classic Greek diner---lots of items, plenty of red sauce, desserts that are huge in both selection and portion. I started with some hummus. It was nicely spiced with paprika and the associated pita was warm and fresh. For my main course, I tried the fried chicken. Atlanta is a great place for fried chicken, and I wouldn't put theirs in the same league as the city's top locations, but it was pretty good. It was cooked to order---I had to wait 20 minutes for it. It was very tender and juicy. The crust was of the smooth variety. I did realize after the plate came that ordering a half fried chicken plus fried okra was a little too much fried food for someone of my advanced age. Overall, it left a good impression and I plan to go back.

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