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Mix-and-Match Cuisines

I paired roasted tofu with my tomatillo sauce. Add roasted brussel sprouts and rice for a wonderful meal.
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Fussy French Toast with Bananas and Strawberries

Bananas and strawberries is my favorite breakfast combination. Frozen strawberries work very well in this application. I am grateful to have so many choices for my food.

Sourdough Whole Wheat Bread

This loaf turned out very nicely. I used the 100% whole wheat recipe from King Arthur Flour. The result is always delicious and moist.

Upside Down Turkey Pot Pie

I wanted to use my turkey leftovers to make a turkey pot pie. I decided to try a variation with biscuits. I made a traditional pot pie filling with plenty of vegetables and rich with potatoes. I made some biscuits. I put the biscuits on the bottom and loaded the filling on top. This version allows me to make fresh biscuits every time and avoid a soggy, unfrozen crust.

Bleu Cheese On My Salad

It's a simple thing, I know. But simple things can bring pleasure. I hadn't bought bleu cheese in awhile. Some flavor memory prompted me to pick up a piece. It made a great addition to several salads.

Roast Turkey Dinner

I picked up a couple of frozen turkeys after Thanksgiving and put them in the freezer for later. I pulled out one for roasting. Not only did this turkey provide a wonderful dinner, the leftovers provided several more excellent meals. I am grateful for this food and for my ability to conserve and prepare for days ahead. A freezer is a valuable tool for healthy, independent eating.

Steak on the Grill

I'm not going to let a little snow stop me from enjoying a grilled steak. My Loeffel Meat Shoppe steak was wonderful with home fries and brussel sprouts. I also made some sourdough bread. I think the pale crust came from the wax paper I used to cover the dough as it rose. It may have looked funny but it tasted great warm with a little butter.