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Dinner at Nan Thai in Dunwoody

I haven't been to Nan Thai in awhile and was happy to see they are doing well. My dinner was tasty and the staff friendly. Thanks, folks!
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Dinner at Dunwoody Tavern

My meat pie was hearty and tasty. The staff was very friendly and welcoming. Thanks, folks!

Eggplant Parmesan for Dinner

I haven't made eggplant parm in awhile and it was a treat. I like to keep the sauce separate until the last to preserve the eggplant's crispiness. Delicious! I am grateful for the chance to make and eat such a satisfying meal.

Happy Fifteenth Anniversary, Frosty Caboose!

The Frosty Caboose is a Chamblee classic that I have visited for many years, including yesterday. I asked the proprietor how long the Caboose had been in operation and she told me that today would be its fifteenth anniversary. Congratulations and thank you for years of memories!

Salt and Pepper Tofu at China Inn

Tasty, nourishing, satisfying, friendly, and convenient. How can you beat that? Thanks, folks!

At The Airport: Dinner at One Flew South at ATL

One Flew South is one of the best restaurants in Atlanta. It just happens to be in Terminal E at ATL. When I arrived, there was a bit of a line but I was taken to my table after only a short wait. The staff was superbly welcoming and efficient. My soup was deliciously spiced and creamy. My sushi was delightful. A perfect dinner on a hectic trip. Thanks, folks!

Lunch at Bru Burger Bar in Lexington KY

My chili and onion rings were tasty. The staff was helpful and friendly. Thanks, folks!