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Dinner at Viceroy Indian Dining

Another satisfying meal at Viceroy near Perimeter Mall---full of flavor, gracious service. Thanks, folks!
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Breakfast at Another Broken Egg near Perimeter Mall

I don't think that I have tried Another Broken Egg before. I very much enjoyed my visit to their location near Perimeter Mall. The staff was extremely gracious and welcoming. My breakfast was hearty and tasty. The chips were the star of my huevos rancheros and everything on top was great. Thanks, folks!

A Change of Pace at Harmony Vegetarian

My usual order at Harmony is salt-and-pepper tofu. This time I decided to mix things up with the vegetarian kung pao chicken. Great stuff, the peanuts really hit the spot. Harmony is renovating and I am excited to see their new setup. Thanks, folks!

Lunch at Blessing Thai Restaurant

I had a short amount of time for a satisfying and healthy lunch. The staff at Blessing Thai was great about getting me a table during their busy period. My curry was great. Thanks, folks!

Pizza and Salad at Mellow Mushroom

More precisely, salad, then pizza. Good food, friendly staff. Thanks, folks!

Lunch at Lazlo's

Lazlo's in the Haymarket is a great place for lunch and discussion. My salad with salmon hit the spot and the staff was great. Thanks, folks!

Lunch at Carmela's

I don't think that I have sampled lunch before at Carmela's. This chicken pot pie hit the spot and the fries were tasty. The staff was prompt and gracious. Thanks, folks!