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Dinner at Purnima in Chamblee

I haven't been to Purnima in awhile. It was good to see friendly faces and enjoy excellent food. I went a little crazy ordering. My pakora gave me a crunchy food fix. My main course was delectable and savory. And I ordered a naan, of course. Thanks, folks!
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Eating Around Georgia Tech: The Temporary Student Center

The Georgia Tech student center is under renovation. I'm not sure what the temporary location is called but it has a nice, airy feel. Saibal and I went there for lunch and discussion. Good food, old friends, very welcoming service. Thank you so much, folks!

On The Road: Golden Pancake in St. Louis

Golden Pancake, located across from STL, has tempted me for quite some time. This trip was my chance to enjoy their breakfast and hospitality. My omelet was hearty and delicious. The pancake was a real treat, thick and fluffy. Serivce was very welcoming. Thanks, folks!

Snack Time at DutchFix

I always look forward to a stop at DutchFix when I drive through southeast Iowa. My sausage on a pretzel bun was a great treat. Thanks, folks!

Lunch at Cool Basil in Des Moines IA

Cool Basil has become a reliable stop in Des Moines: tasty and satisfying food, welcoming service. My tofu was satisfying and its spices made my tongue dance with pleasure. Thanks, folks!

Dinner at Casa Bovina

Dinner started with this amuse bouche. This burrata and focaccia was rich and delicious. My steak was superb, as always. Thanks, folks!

Lunch At Mulberry BBQ

The nice folks at Mulberry prepared this excellent burnt ends sandwich, a real treat. Thanks, folks!