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Andouille Sausage the Brittany Way

This is andouille sausage from Brittany. As you can see, it is made in a completely different way from the Louisiana variety--rolled out of thin sheets of meat. Fascinating and tasty. Merci!
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Boulangerie for Breakfast

Chocolate croissant, baguette, coffee. C'est parfait, merci!

A Celtic Dinner in Brittany

I didnt know that the traditional language of Brittany is Gaelic. That explains the Irish pub we vusited for a very nice dinner. Thanks, folks!

Un Vrai Petit Dejuner de un Artisan Boulanger

A true French breakfast is bread straight from the baker. I decided to enjoy the offerings of Eric Kayser, an artisan baker with locadtions across Paris. Quite the selection of pastries! My pain de chocoalt was perfect. Merci, Chef Kayser!

Hotel Breakfast in Paris

European hotels typically provide a breakfast buffet. This hotel's breakfast included an omelet station, a very welcome addition. My food made for a comforting arrival. Merci!

Bistro Dinner in Paris

France offers a huge range of dining experiences from the most elevated to very comfortable. Bistros are on the comfortable side while still offering excellent food. My chicken with cream sauce made a wonderful Parisian dinner experience. Merci beaucoup!

On The Road: Lunch in Paris

I arrived in Paris. I needed to wait a few hours for my hotel room. I also needed something to eat. A brasserie solved both problems. A wonderful afternoon experience. Merci!