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Dinner at Forillo's in Santa Clara CA

Porillo's gave me the old school dinner experience that I wanted. The staff was very welcoming, my eggplant parm was just right. And that bread was just out of the oven---wow! Thanks, folks!
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Lunch at Birk's in Sunnyvale CA

Birk's is a long-time Silicon Valley favorite but I think this was my first visit. The food was great and the staff provided a great atmosphere for discussion. Thanks, folks!

Dinner at Pacific Catch in Mountain View CA

This was my first visit to Pacific Catch. My salmon was tasty and the staff welcoming. Thanks, folks!

Lunch at Penninsula Creamery

Penninsula Creamery is a reminder of a simpler time in Palo Alto, a great place for old friends to reconnect and reminisce about our simpler times. My chili was comforting, just as was the sunny dining room and smiling staff. And who could resist a milkshake? Thanks, folks!

Dinner at Original Joe's in San Jose CA

Great food, gracious service, comfortably elegant atmosphere. Who could ask for more? Thanks, folks!

Breakfast at Bill's Cafe in Santa Clara CA

This was my first time at Bill's Cafe and it won't be my last. My steak rancheros was superb with great spices in the sauce. The staff was very welcoming. The atmosphere was from an earlier, simpler time in Silicon Valley. Thanks, folks!

Dim Sum for Lunch at Canton House in Chamblee

Canton House is one of the first restaurants I visited in Atlanta but I haven't been there in quite some time. The proprietor and her staff were very welcoming, as always. The dim sum carts were a great treat for lunch. Thanks, folks!