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Tomato Sauce

This is not my big annual batch of tomato sauce, just a small batch to hold me over for the next couple of weeks. I continue to use a lighter approach, cooking for a moderate amount of time and including mirepoix. Couldn't be tastier.

Cherry Almond Pie

Fresh cherries in the store are hard to resist. Of course, I had to make a pie but I decided ot try something a little different. I picked up some almond paste, rolld it out, and lined the bottom of the crust with it. I added the cherries with just a little almond extract. The result was excellent---just a hint of almond and the right amount of sweetness. Makes the perfect breakfast!

Pancakes for Breakfast

Sourdough pancakes, nutella spread, almonds. Mmmmmm...

Big Daddy's BarB-Q in Fairbanks AK

Big Daddy's in downtown Fairbanks has been featured in Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. They really came through with great food and welcoming service. This tasty salad was a great way to prep for my main course. My brisket was tender with just the right amount of tooth, nice bark, nice smoke. The slaw was excellent and I particularly enjoyed the corn. Thanks, folks!

The Crepery in Fairbanks AK

I decided to take a break from my afternoon walk around Fairbanks to enjoy a crepe. The Crepery is a large, welcoming space with a friendly staff and honest-to-gosh crepes. A fresh, warm crepe is hard to beat. Thanks, folks!

Bahn Thai Restaurant in Fairbanks AK

Fairbanks has an impressive selection of Thai restaurants. I decided to try Bahn in downtown Fairbanks. The food was tasty and the service very welcoming. My masaman tofu was rich with spices and very satisfying. Thanks, folks!

A Snack at Batter & Crumb in Fairbanks AK

How could I pass up a stand named Batter & Crumb? The proprietors explained that they do all their baking right in this stand. Their amazing assortment made it hard for me to choose. I finally settled on this cream tart, Everything about it---crust, filling, that dollop of whipped cream on tart---was superb. The crust is the test of a baker and Batter & Crumb passes with flying colors. Thanks, folks, I will be back!

Light Breakfast at Stir It Up! in Fairbanks AK

My hotel was in downtown Fairbanks so I decided to explore locally for breakfast. Stir It Up! is on the opposite side of the river, specializing in gluten-free baked goods and great coffee. I walked up and the helpful staff prepared this great light breakfast for me. I enjoyed it standing up outside in the beautiful Alaska morning. Thanks, folks!

Dinner at Soba in Fairbanks AK

When my taxi driver told me about a Moldovian restaurant in downtown Fairbanks I immediately put it on my agenda. Soba delivered with tasty, hearty food and smiling, welcoming service. I started with this hearty soup and a dollop of sour cream. This is mamaliga, their signature dish. Pork and polenta with eggs makes for a wonderfully hearty meal. No room for dessert is the only unfortunate consequence. Thanks, folks!

Chena Hot Springs

I spent some very enjoyable time at Chena Hot Springs, including some wonderful meals. This impressive Alaskan king crab was my first---wonderful taste and bountiful. Lunches like this burger were excellent. Breakfasts were hearty and tasty. Thanks, folks!

Alaska Salmon Bake in Fairbanks AK

The Alaska Salmon Bake is located in Fairbanks' Pioneer Park. It is a favorite stop of mine. Their outdoor location has always been refreshing and has added benefits in these times. I ordered salmon, of course. I ate a hearty salad while my salmon was cooking. When it was ready, I sat down for a great main course. And I took home this apple tart for breakfast. Thanks, folks!

Coffee at McCafferty's in Fairbanks AK

An afternoon of walking around Fairbanks deserved some refreshments. I've been to McCafferty's before and I enjoy their coffee and the great atmosphere. The friendly staff provided me with a capuccino and a sparkling water. I enjoyed a little peace before I went on my way. Thanks, folks!

Chena's Alaskan Grill in Fairbanks AK

Chena's is part of Rivers Edge Resort, a delightful inn on the river in Fairbanks. The restaurant was close to empty when I arrived but quickly filled up. The staff were wonderful and my meal was an outstanding splurge. I started with fried calamari. I then enjoyed a fine fish chowder. My main course was also fish, succulent and tender with just a bit of crust. Thanks, folks!

Sunrise Bagel & Espresso in Fairbanks AK

Drive-thru culture is a central part of Alaska life. Driving up to a stand for food is fun in the summer. It is a necessity in winter when just shutting down your car engine is a problem. Sunrise is a chain of stands around Fairbanks. I walked up to this spot near the airport for some late morning coffee. Everyone was friendly and helpful. The burritos were tempting. The bagel burger is their lunch specialty. Thanks, folks!

In The Air: Lucky Louie Fish Shack at SEA

Lucky Louie is in the central food court at SEA. I had enough time between flights for dinner and fish was the perfect choice. Fish and chips was a welcome treat, balancing lightness and heartiness. Thanks, folks!

Luxury Diner in Cheyenne WY

I have found my official breakfast spot in Cheyenne. Luxury Diner is a classic railcar diner dating back to the early 20th century. The staff is friendly and welcoming, just as you would expect. Check out these huevos rancheros! And who can pass up this sweet roll!

Metropolitan in Cheyenne WY

I wanted to explore downtown Cheyenne and enjoy a steak. Metropolitan is a bustling steak restaurant in the middle of dowotown. The staff was friendly and the food was very satisfying. My steak was great, my vegetables gave just the right amount of toothiness. A very pleasant dinner in the midst of a busy evening. Thanks, folks!

On The Road: Breakfast at Donnie's in Jensen UT

On the way out of Dinosaur, I needed a morning stop. Breakfast, of course, was top priority. I also needed a little space and time to work on my computer. Donnie's was the only choice within miles and it turned out to be wonderful with great staff and hearty food. Omelet and hash browns are a great way to start out a drive. Coffee makes the work go smoothly. Thanks, folks!

Outdoor Cooking at Dinosaur National Monument

Dinosaur National Monument is both an important archeological site and a beautiful place. Steak makes a convenient and hearty dinner to prepare on an outdoor stove. And who can argue with pancakes with fried apples for breakfast?

On The Road: Tosh's Ramen in Salt Lake City

I needed some lunch on the way out of town. Ramen sounded like great comfort food for a drive. Tosh's was on the way and made a delicious choice. Great broth, wonderful noodles with nice toothiness. Thanks, folks!

Guras Spice House in Salt Lake City

I was in the mood for spices. Guras Spice House in downtown Salt Lake City provided me with a tasty meal and welcoming service. Papadum are a great way to start a meal. My main course was flavorful and just a little hot. Thanks, folks!