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Lincoln NE: Zesto Sighting

On the way to dinner in Lincoln, I spied this Zesto in a strip mall. The former Zesto chain has remnants around the country, including several beloved locations around Atlanta. I didn't get a chance to try it out but I have put this destination on my list.

Lincoln NE: Nissara

My UNL friends took me to a very enjoyable meal at Nissara, a local Thai favorite. The atmosphere is elegant and relaxed. A large liquor collection climbs the wall behind the bar. We started with this chicken satay, a savory treat. I mixed the two sauces: hot and peanut. My main course was something that I haven't seen elsewhere, eggplant with peanut sauce. The result was another savory treat: nicely balanced sweetness and savoriness; great balance of textures. For dessert we shared this wonderful coconut cake. The fresh coconut flavor stood out; its texture nicely complicated the soft, delicate cake.

Lincoln NE: AmuManu Ramen

With the wind chill below 0, Justin and I were interested in warm food and a short walk for lunch. AmuManu fit the bill. It has a classic college vibe: good food, casual atmosphere, friendly service. I ordered a bowl with tofu and peanuts. The noodles were outstanding with just the right amount of chew. The tofu slices and peanut shavings gave a good sense of heartiness. The moderately spicy broth was tasty and warming. A very enjoyable meal.

Lincoln NE: El Potrero

I decided to try the Haymarket District's El Potrero for dinner. The service was friendly and the hearty food kept me going on a cold winter night. The chips were great---wonderful texture. My carnitas was hearty and tasty: good porky flavor, nice texture. The refried beans were good, too. A satisfying meal.

Tokyo: A Pork Cutlet Reunion

This trip to Japan has turned out to be pork-themed. When several of us got together for dinner, Tim suggested the local outpost of a well-known Ton Katsu (pork cutlet) chain that is highly regarded. His recommendation was spot-on. Most of us ordered the special described in the first photo, a particularly high quality cut of pork. The result was exquisite. The pork was very tender and juicy with a delicate porkiness. The panko breading was the best I've ever had, both fluffy and crispy. This meal reunited me not only with my Bell Labs friend Tim, but also my student, grand student, and great grand student. The excellent food complemented the conviviality. This trip also marks the return to the location where, ten years ago, I started this blog. Atlanta etc. began during my last visit to this conference when it was held in Yokohama. The blog has been a pleasure as have been the friends I have made through it. Don't worry, I'm not retiring from blogging. T

Tokyo: Eating at Sunrise Ariake Hotel

Ariake is a neighborhood of reclaimed land in Tokyo Bay that will soon host the 2020 Olympic Games. I ate several breakfasts and a couple of dinners there during my short trip. The breakfast buffet opened early, a pleasant surprise for those of us not yet fully adjusted to the time zone. My surprise favorite was congee (rice porridge) with ginger---I really enjoyed the kick. I was very hungry after a long, cold walk back from the conference venue. This pork belly really hit the spot. Its porkiness and fattiness were very nicely balanced. It was a welcome relief.

Tokyo: Mister Donut

This video at my new YouTube channel shows my visit to a Mister Donut location in Tokyo. The audio is sometimes hard to understand---sorry about that---but you can catch a glimpse of both the excellent donuts and the curiously upscale service.

Tokyo: Tsukiji Fish Market

My visit to the knife shop gave me a chance to visit the famous Tsukiji neighborhood. I didn't go into the market proper but the streets in the neighborhood offer a wide range of vendors. Many of the people on the streets are foreigners; the vendors all seem to be comfortable dealing in English. All sorts of foodstuffs are available. Of course, visiting markets while traveling leads to frustration since I don't have a kitchen in Tokyo. I didn't grab a photo but omelet-on-a-stick was a popular snack. I bought a small bag of dried pineapple for my flight back. And for immediate sustenance I bought one of these pork buns. The bun itself was juicy and tasty. The plate came with a tiny dab of yellow mustard that had a great punch.

Tokyo: Knife Shop Aritsugu

Aritsugu is located in the street mall in the Tsukiji fish market. They open incredibly early, just like the rest of the fish market. That gave me an opportunity to squeeze in a morning visit and appreciate their shop. When I walked in, the staff was in the shop at the back of the store, working on a knife. The shop performs repairs on knives and they let me watch a polishing operation. Polishing and sharpening are somehow very calming activities, although they require great skill. This is a selection of their more typical knives. This site and this site have good introductions to Japanese knives. Japanese knives are made with carbon steel rather than stainless; they also use a single-sided edge rather than the double-sided edge of a German knife. Carbon steel is harder (good) but requires more careful sharpening (bad, unless you enjoy sharpening knives, which I do). Other cabinets in the store had very different types of knives, some specifically for fish. I think

Tokyo: BlendMeister Cafe

When I arrived at my hotel from the airport, I needed a small dinner. The only restaurant open was the bar. I ordered this miso chicken. It wasn't browned at all but the flavor was pretty good. The miso gave a nice flavor.

NRT: Caffe Lat 25 Degrees

After my flight, a warm cup sounded appealing. I had a few minutes to kill before my bus and this emporium offered a chai ginger. This drink was a confection: sweet ginger tea, a thick layer of whipped cream on top. It definitely kept me going through check-in at the hotel.

Delta One to Tokyo

An upgrade to Tokyo gave me the chance to try Delta's latest menu. Given that Japanese food would be plentiful on my arrival, I went with the American menu. The ribs were satisfyingly meant. The bowl on the right is mushroom soup. The second course included both cheese and chocolate cake. The cheese course was my favorite.

My KitchenAid Mixer

This video gives me a chance to express my appreciation for the many years of faithful service that my KitchenAid mixer has given me. I also take a moment to discuss those nylon gears---do you really want to spend your life oiling your kitchen equipment?

Chamblee: Lunch at Mediterranean Bakery

An afternoon of errands gave me the chance to enjoy a light lunch at Mediterranean Bakery. The bakery is located in that little corner of Chamblee on the east side of I-85. I have been a fan of their breads for a long time but usually don't order anything more substantial. My falafel on pita was fery satisfying and just the right amount of food. I'm not sure of the name of that little pastry but I couldn't resist---it was great.

Steak au Poivre

I've posted a video here that shows how I made steak au poivre.

Decatur: Lunch at Go Vegetarian

Go Vegetarian moved down a few doors from their original location at North Druid Hills and Lawrenceville Highway. This gave me the excuse to revisit. Their new space is much larger and very pleasant. The staff is very nice. This is my veggie burger with cheese. It was satisfying in both taste and texture: good umami hit, good crumbly chew. No carnivore would mistake this for beef but I certainly enjoyed it. The fries were excellent as well.

LAS: Ruby's Diner

I arrived at my departure terminal at 5 AM ready for breakfast. Ruby's Diner was open and busy, ready to serve me. In contrast, ATL is a sad place for hungry travelers in the early mornings. The service scheme was a little confusing. I thought they had a line for takeout on one side and table service on the other. It turns out that everyone orders from the takeout line; if you way, the food is brought to your table. The photo of my breakfast burrito was lost but it was pretty tasty. It was hearty with nicely cooked eggs. It had just enough heat to tingle my mouth. I'm really glad that the staff were there and able to provide me with a satisfying breakfast.

Food Disasters Past and Present

CNN reports here on an Arizona truck accident this week that spilled 40,000 pounds of liquid chocolate onto a highway. No injuries were reported. To put this event in perspective, NBC News reports here on the Great Boston Molasses Flood of 1919 which killed 21 people.

Las Vegas: Peppermill

The Peppermill is an iconic Nevada coffee shop with locations all across the state. The restaurant on the strip was visited by Jerry Seinfeld and his friend George Wallace on an episode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. I'm no comedian but you can see a video of my visit to this fun spot right here on my new YouTube Atlanta etc. channel (not to be confused with my Embedded Computing Channel here ). The elevator speech version: a tender, fluffy, and huge omelette; great home fried potatoes; very satisfying English muffin; continuous coffee.

Las Vegas: Westside Deli

When I hit the ground in Las Vegas, I wanted to see the show. I needed something to eat to keep me going but it should be fast. Westside Deli at Circus Circus gave me a decent lunch in a few minutes. It is a simple counter on the west side of the casino floor. Nothing fancy, exactly what I needed. My grilled cheese was made with American cheese, not my favorite but quite savory and satisfying. My tomato bisque was very enjoyable.

Rao's Las Vegas And My New YouTube Channel

I visited Rao's in Las Vegas for a wonderful meal---doesn't that meatball look delicious? I captured my visit on a video for my new Atlanta etc. YouTube channel. You can see the Rao's video here . And you can keep up with all the videos at the channel directory here .

A Stop at McDonald's

I haven't been to McDonald's for something like a decade. I needed a spot to stop my drive and make a call. McDonald's fit the bill and the chance to see what one looks like these days was intriguing. A set of kiosks stood near the line. Some people used them to order; I spoke with a very friendly pair of staffers. My coffee was fine. The fried apple pie has always been a treat. The new version, it turns out, has a lattice top rather than a solid top, depriving me of a bit of that wonderful fried pie crust flavor. Memories...

Breakfast at Zion Lodge

Breakfast at Zion Lodge is hearty and a pretty good deal. After a few minutes taking photos in the cold, I was ready for a warm breakfast. I picked out two kinds of eggs, a biscuit with gravy, and some melon. All were fresh and tasty. The buffet also provides a custom-toasted English muffin or toast. I enjoyed mine so much that I asked for a second helping.

Dinner at Zion Lodge

I managed a quick visit to Zion National Park. The dining room was, as always, very good food with very hospitable service. I started with a trip to the soup and salad bar. The beef soup was satisfyingly savory. My main course was this salmon. This is the pink-fleshed variety common in the Rockies. The salmon was superb and wonderfully prepared. No room for dessert...

Food Technology at CES

The Consumer Electronics Show presents electronic devices for all sorts of activities, including cooking. Here are a few things that I spotted during my time at the show. A 3D food printer that produced, among other things, a chocolate pen. This production bread machine can produce over 200 loaves per day. This blender uses a gesture-control system to provide touchless control of the blender. I waved my hand to turn on the blender, then twirled my finger to dial the speed up and down.