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Meat Sauce and Squiggly Pasta

I wanted something meaty and satisfying for dinner. I started water for squiggly pasta. In the mean time, I chopped and sweated some onion and garlic. I then browned some ground beef. I added a can of pureed tomatoes anc cooked for a half hour. Simple things can be very satisfying. This meal satisfied my basic hunger and was delicious.

A Pretty Loaf

This loaf of whole wheat bread came out much more symmetrical than most of my efforts. It was so darn pretty that I had to take a photo. Now if I could just make every loaf look that nice...

Burger On The Grill

I pulled some Del Frieda ground beef from the freezer and made myself a thick burger patty. I served my burger bunless with green beans and home fries. The burger was thick but still nicely cooked, very juicy, very flavorful beef. The sides balanced the beef nicely. I am grateful for this delicious, healthy meal.

Dressed-Up Yogurt

I really enjoy my homemade yogurt for lunch. Here is my current favorite preparation: coriander, dates, dried bananas, almonds. Delicious and good for me, too.

Steak au Poivre

I really enjoy the occasional steak au poivre. After cooking my steak in the pan, I made a cream sauce. Served with home fries, this is a treat of a meal for which I am grateful.

Granola Bars

I needed some portable, efficient snacks for a trip. I used a recipe I've used before, Alton Brown's granola bars . I cooked the two batches separately. One batch came out slightly softer and pliable, a testament to how sensitive sugar is to cooking time. Both were tasty, handy, and resilient. Thanks, Mr. Brown!

Beef Bourgignon

I found some pearl onions at Super Saver. The first thing that popped into my head was beef bourgignon. I used some beef from Loeffel Beef Shoppe. I steamed some asparagus and whipped some potatoes. The result was delicious, rich, and healthy. I am grateful for this meal.

Porterhouse Steak

I grilled a porterhouse from the Loeffel Meat Shoppe and served it with steamed asparagus and home fries. The steak was wonderfully flavorful, clearly fresh. The dishes balanced out perfectly. Chalk up another great meal for which I am grateful.

Lunch at Taqueria Limon

The Taqueria Limon truck is still at its location on Cornhusker Highway. I stopped by on a nice day for lunch. I ordered a cheese pupusa and a taco. I took them home to eat. Both excellent, as always.

Loeffel Meat Shoppe

The Loeffel Meat Laboratory at the University of Nebraska conducts teaching and research in meat production. What happens to the results, you ask? Some of them are sold by the Loeffel Meat Shoppe, typically once per week. I stopped by to pick up a few things: porterhouse steaks (on special, no less) and a roast. They also make fancier items such as sausage. I left very happy.

The Take-Out Lifestyle: 402 Creamery

I stopped by 402 Creamery after lunch. My server was very cheerful and explained that their business in the evenings had been improving. I took my cup outside to enjoy. My ice cream was, as always, delicious.

Lunch at Shokunin

Lunch at Shokunin has always been a treat for me, with great food a quick walk from my office. I don't go into the office these days but I drove to Shokunin to enjoy a wonderful lunch. As always, the service and food were both excellent. My lunch provided several classic cuts. My favorites are salmon and tuna---and yes, I know I am boring.

Video on Yellowstone National Park Reopening

My Atlanta etc. YouTube channel now includes a video on my visit to Yellowstone National Park during its reopening. Food service is available and the park is fantastic.

Tofu with Peanut Sauce

I like tofu and I like peanuts. This dish fits the bill perfectly. I used David Lebovitz's recipe for peanut sauce here . I squeeze water out of the tofu, cube it, and crisp it in the oven. Simple, inexpensive, tasty, healthy. Pretty quick to make, too.

Smoked Brisket Stew

I made another batch of my smoked brisket stew: I cooked potatoes, onions, carrots in chicken stock and tomato sauce; then added small vegetables and smoked brisket chunks. The result is different from a traditional braised stew and quite good. I will put this on my roster of go-to dishes.

Open Harvest Co-Op Grocery

Open Harvest is down the street from Zesto. Following a chili dog with a visit to an organic grocery store seemed like a natural idea to me. The store has a good selection of vegetables, meats, and other items. I left with some vegetables and crackers, both welcome additions to my pantry.

The Take-Out Lifestyle: Zesto's

Sonmetimes, the old ways are best. Zesto's simple, outdoor operation has been great for a long time. Today's circumstances allow us to appreciate it once again. My visit gave me the chance to try other parts of their menu. THe chili dog was great. My chocolate malt was a treat---I love the malt zing matched with chocolate.

Quark and French Toast

I used some of my goat quark from Shadowbrook Farms with my morning French toast. The tangy quark goes very well with whole wheat bread. The result is rich without being over the top.

Shadowbrook Farms

I headed out to Shadowbrook Farms to pick up some delicious goat dairy products. I picked up two kinds of hard cheese, both flavorful without being overly strong. The special find was goat quark. Quark is very difficult to find in the US. I very much enjoy it as a complement to breakfast.

Steak on the Grill

I bought some meat from Del Frieda, a local purveyor for both restaurants and consumers. Their consumer meat was conveniently packaged in small portions. I picked up several it ems. My cooking plans immediately went to this steak. I purchased a small grill so I could cook it outdoors. What a great dinner. The steak was tender and very flavorful. Nebraska steaks tend to be cut thinner, making them easier to cook. A thinner steak is probably easier to enjoy as well. Another meal filled with grace.

The Drive-Thru Lifestyle: Lunch from Mr. Hui's

Mr. Hui's opened a few weeks ago and seems to see steady business. Just call in, drive up, open your window (with mask on, of course). Buddhist's Delight is a favorite lunch of mine. I also ordered won ton soup. I had enough soup to save some for the next day's lunch. Nutritious, filling, tasty---thank you!

Second Chicken Dinner

This dinner made use of the second half of my roast chicken, aided by home fried potatoes and carrot souffle. For some reason, I find roast chicken to be particularly delicious these days. Another delicious meal for which I am grateful.


I had some ricotta and was in the mood for a calzone. I made a batch of pizza dough. I had thought that a half-recipe would be enough luckily I made a full batch. I made the calzone in the style of most New Jersey places---a circular dough folded in half, no sauce inside. My shaping skills are still mediocre; this looks better than I deserved. Crisp and ready to go. A delightful meal when paired with canned tomato sauce. Another grateful dinner.

Key Lime Rice Pudding

I used my leftover key limes to make rice pudding. The result was excellent---the sharp tang of the key limes very nicely offset the creaminess of the rice pudding. The flavor was much stronger than what I normally think of for a rice pudding and that is what made it so enjoyable. Strong flavors are a welcome treat.

Chocolate Cake for Giving

I made a chocolate bundt cake as a gift. It sure looked good...


I had picked up a box of arborio rice quite some time ago. I decided that I was in the mood for risotto. I started by frying the rice. I then added chicken stock. I continued to cook and added mushrooms. I served with roasted Brussels sprout and olive bread. Delicious and very comforting.

The Freezer Lifestyle: Big Hunk of Brisket

I matched a hunk of brisket from the freezer with a roasted carrot, roasted brussels sprout, and olive bread. Delicious! I am so grateful for my freezer.