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Washington DC: Floriana

Floriana is an elegant restaurant located in a brownstone near Dupont Circle. The quality of the service and food rise up to the level set by the surroundings. I started with this sweet onion soup. It included the traditional bread underneath but avoided the heavy cheese cap. The onions were filled with umami. The broth soaked into the bread providing a satisfyingly soft texture and taste. My salmon was very fresh and perfectly cooked. Underneath was a bed of diced potatoes, possibly Yukon Gold, that provided just the right carbohydrate cushion.

Washington DC: Dinner at Kramerbooks

Kramerbooks is a mainstay of Dupont Circle both for its books and its food. I finally had a chance to eat dinner there and greatly enjoyed both the food and the service. My vegetarian lasagne featured a sauce with a nice tart punch to balance the sweetness of tomatoes and vegetables. The textures of the lightly baked top were very entertaining. I finished off with a bit of this very moist carrot cake, saving the rest for later.

Washington DC: Dinner at Pesce

I enjoyed another superb dinner at Pesche near Dupont Circle. I started with the beet salad. This wonderful Scottish salmon came on a bed of tiny pieces of potato and cucumber. My chocolate tart was filled with a very rich, soft pudding.

Lincoln NE: Misty's

We finished my Lincoln trip with a visit to the original Misty's in the Havelock neighborhood. The atmosphere is classic steakhouse. The service is very welcoming. And the food was great. We started with calamari... ...and escargot. With our main course we enjoyed these excellent onion rings: perfect crust, very rich onion flavor inside. And it was steak all around (with superb asparagus)... ...except for Justin who ordered the fettuccine alfredo. And we ended with dessert.

ATL: Philips Seafood

I ended up rushing to the airport. I resigned myself to a dinner of almonds and bananas on the airplane. But as I came up the escalator at Terminal D, I found myself at Phillips Seafood with just enough time to eat. My salmon was a welcome respite. The hush puppies gave me that carbohydrate kiss. I was able to fly peacefully and get up the next morning, ready for work.

Chamblee Chinatown Food Court and New Lan Zhou Noodle

I visited the food court at Chamblee Chinatown for lunch and was treated to a demonstration of Lan Zhou noodle making. You can see the video here on the Atlanta etc Channel.

Decatur: Batdorf and Bronson

The Contes and I had a nice chat at Batdorf and Bronson, the Decatur mainstay. Their space is quite large and bright, a great place to hang out. I had never before realized that the espresso with the lemon peel has a name: espresso Romana. Sometimes less is more.

New Video on YouTube: Tina's Cafe

The Atlanta etc. YouTube channel features a new video: Tina's Cafe , a great diner and breakfast spot.

Non-Baked Beans? Chili?

I'm not sure what to call this dish but it did result in several satisfying meals. I started by browning onion and garlic. I added a few mushrooms from the refrigerator along with some frozen chicken stock. The dried beans had soaked overnight. I also added more frozen chicken stock and a little spare tomato sauce. The result gave me a nice hot meal and several more in the freezer.

Delta First Class Steak

A connection through Minneapolis back to Atlanta, coupled with an upgrade, gave me the chance to enjoy this steak dinner on Delta. It was a welcomed bit of nourishment and comfort in the middle of a hectic flight.

Pizza Pizza

My most recent pizza making experience led me to an interesting technique. I made a batch of pizza dough, yielding enough for two pizzas. I originally planned to save half for a later day so I put one in the refrigerator and left out the other for a few hours to rise. My stretching technique resulted in this misshapen blob, typical of my previous efforts. I cooked and ate the pizza, then decided to try one more time. The dough was cold after its time in the refrigerator. Cold dough doesn't sag and is much easier to stretch into a regular shape. I had read about this technique before but its importance hadn't sunk in. I probably could have made this dough both larger and rounder but I was so happy with my success that I decided to declare victory. The result was this very pleasing pizza. The pizza guys in New Jersey don't need to refrigerate their dough but they have both talent and skill. Since I have neither, I plan to refrigerate my pizza doughs from no

Decatur: Sunday Brunch at Cafe Lily

I have eaten dinner at Cafe Lily but I didn't realize that they serve brunch as well. The Contes invited me to join them for what turned out to be an excellent meal. My Greek omelet was fluffy, tender, and filled with feta cheese and vegetables. I ordered cheese grits for my side: very creamy, a bit of nice tang in the cheese. I was too full to try these biscuits but they looked good.

Lincoln: (402) Creamery

I was in the mood for a small treat to take me through my flight. (402) Creamery in the Haymarket fit the bill. The proprietors explained that their ice cream is made with the assistance of local Nebraska cows. My chocolate was rich, the cream very creamy. This is excellent ice cream. The cookie was outstanding as well---sweet and just pliable enough.

Lincoln: Student Center Pizza

In need of a fast, slightly indulgent lunch, we headed for the student center outpost of Valentino's Pizza. The pizza was enjoyable. It sported a thicker crust than is traditional for New York pizza. The sauce and cheese both hit the craving buttons. The salad was quite large and my vinaigrette dressing was enjoyably light.

Lincoln: The Normandy

I greatly enjoyed my elegant, relaxing meal at The Normandy. The atmosphere and service were in the grand French and Swiss traditions thanks to the Swiss owner/chef. The food was outstanding. I started the meal with a cup of mushroom soup, accompanied of course by bread. The soup delivered on the combination of earthy savoriness that one looks for in this dish. My salmon was perfectly prepared. The suprise star of the plate was the asparagus. These stalks were at the peak of their freshness and flavorfulness. Perfect preparation highlighted the ingredient. The chocolate fondue was sold out but I greatly enjoyed my chocolate mousse, both rich and fluffy. I guess I will have to return for a fondue...

Lincoln: Imperial Palace

A quick campus lunch was the order of the day and Imperial Palace, an outpost of a Lincoln Chinese restaurant, fit the bill. My dumplings were very tasty, with good pastry and rich filling. My vegetables with brown sauce topped me off for the afternoon with a savory touch.

Update: Wilderness Ridge

I enjoyed a steak at Wilderness Ridge almost exactly a decade ago. My UNL friends took me back for another very enjoyable dinner. My salad was very light and fresh; the balsamic dressing was similarly light. We enjoyed some good, dense bread. My steak was outstanding; I asked for some mushrooms on talk. The mixed vegetables were fresh and nicely crispy. I also ordered a side of corn that gave a delicious sweet corn flavor. My cherry pie was excellent with a superb flaky crust.

Lincoln NE: Lan House

My Nebraska friends suggested Lan House for a good Chinese lunch near campus. As usual, their suggestion was spot on. My dish came with this comforting bowl of egg drop soup. The dumplings were tender and flavorful with a dash of vinegar. The restaurant's name comes from their Lan Zhou noodle. My bowl of noodles had the trademark toothiness and plump richness of handmade Lan Zhou. The hot sauce gave the tofu a nice punch and infused the noodles as well. Lots of complex flavor, great stuff.