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On The Road: Dash Inn in Buffalo WY

I saw the Dash Inn from the highway and was curious enough to make it my lunch stop. It is clearly a local favorite with a long line. Service was very efficient and friendly; my food came in just a few minutes. My ribs were tasty and hearty with a nice tomato-based sauce. Just what I needed to get back on the road. Thanks, folks!

The Take-Out Lifestyle: Le Fournil in Billings MT

I was in the mood for a quick but satisfying breakfast before I hit the highway. As I drove around downtown Billings, I stumbled upon Le Fournil and I'm glad I did. Le Fournil is very much a French boulangerie, concentrating on bread. The proprietor is clearly very knowledgeable and passionate. I took away a pain au chocolat for breakfast right away and a baguette for the road. Delicious! Thank you so much!

Billings MT: Jake's Downtown

I hit Billings for dinner and was ready for something nice after a day on the road. Jake's steak-oriented menu sounded great. I was not disappointed: excellent food, very gracious service. I started with this flavorful salad and good bread. My steak was great, very beefy and satisfying. Thanks, folks!

On The Road: Brunch at Black Bear Diner

Early lunch or late breakfast? Can we even have brunch on weekdays? These are the problems of modern society. Bottom line, I was hungry on the road and wanted a protein-oriented meal. An omelet at Black Bear Diner seemed like a great idea. And it was. My meal was excellent, perfectly cooked. My server was extremely friendly and welcoming. I got back on the road satisfied and full of energy. Thanks, folks!

On The Road: Blyers Bakery in Montana

I was driving through central Montana and in the mood for a coffee. So why not throw in a donut? Blyers Bakery perfectly fit the bill. The bakery has a large selection of baked goods. I got back in my car with my coffee and this delicious buttermilk bar. Thanks, folks!

On The Road: Cappucino on the Blackfeet Reservation

This wonderful trailer stands on the Blackfeet Reservation at the Many Glacier entrance to Glacier National Park. It stands as a gleaming monument to caffeine. The proprietor skillfully made me an excellent capuccino for my drive. Thank you so much!

Dinner at Petite Violette

Petite Violette is a neighborhood mainstay. I thought that it was time I checked in. The restaurant was full of people who were happy to be out. The service was excellent, as usual. I started with some comforting bread. Next came onion soup, a favorite. My main course was a delicious trout with almonds served with asparagus. And how could I pass up dessert? Thank you for the wonderful evening!

A Visit With Barbeque Kitchen

Barbeque Kitchen is the great place to receive nourishment, both culinary and social, when leaving or arriving ATL. Everyone is so nice; the food is spectacular and consistent. Thank you, folks! Take care!

At The Airport: Smack Shack at MSP

Minneapolis airport was busy but not so much as on a pre-pandemic day. I couldn't resist stopping by Smack Shack, one of the best airport restaurants around. I took my lobster bisque to the gate and enjoyed. Wonderful creamy soup and great lobster flavor. Thanks so much, folks!

LNK Is Back, Baby!

A flight showed me that LNK is active and busy. United and Delta are now on the same side of the terminal, something that I'm sure reduces security costs. Food operations both before and after security are humming. And the Lincoln Flyers Club is as comfortable as ever. Thanks, folks, for being there!

The Coffee House in Lincoln

I ran some errands and wanted to enjoy my time out of the house. The Coffee House is a nice spot for a treat. I sat outside and enjoyed my iced coffee. Thanks, folks!

Dinner at Casa Bovina

I enjoyed a wonderful dinner with friends at Casa Bovina. An amuse bouche... ...followed by a flavorful, juicy piece of Nebraska beef. And who could pass up this chocolate lava cake? Thanks again, folks!

Whole Wheat Pancakes with Fried Apples

I enjoy fruit for breakfast. I prefer the subtle sweetness of fruit to the overt sweetness of sugar or syrup in most cases. (The occasional splash of syrup or honey is certainly a treat.) Apples have become my fruit of choice for breakfast given how available they are to me---a wide range of varieties over most of the year. Apples also make a great match to these multi-grain pancakes. I modified the King Arthur recipe by using my sourdough starter. Delicious! I am grateful.

Steak Night

A return home means steak on the grill. Perfect with home fries and brussel sprouts. I am grateful to be home and to have this wonderful food.

Modern Eatery in Irvine CA

I stopped by Fashion Island in Irvine and enjoyed a nice roast chicken lunch at Modern Eatery. The place was hopping with outdoor diners enjoying the California weather. The staff was very friendly. Thanks, folks!

On The Road: Breakfast At The Copper Chef

Breakfast has been hard to find while traveling in the pandemic transition. The Sonesta in Irvine, however, came through. I have always been very pleased with Sonesta food over the years. The Copper Chef delivered wonderful food and a wonderful service experience. Sorry, I was too hungry to photograph my plate. You will have to trust me or perhaps visit yourself.

The Take-Out Lifestyle: Hans' Homemade Ice Cream in Orange County

I discovered Hans' Homemade near South Coast Plaza. They provided the perfect treat for a spring evening. All sorts of wonderful flavors. I sat in my car to enjoy my ice cream and the evening. Thanks, folks!

Lawry's at South Coast Plaza

South Coast Plaza is a remarkably high-end shopping center in Orange County. I stopped by to walk for a few minutes and grab dinner. Lawry's satisfied my urge for comfort food. You order at the counter and your meal is brought to the table. The staff was very helpful and friendly. My prime rib was juicy, tender, and flavorful. The creamy mashed potatoes were great. And a salad to keep Mom happy. Thanks, folks!

Din Tai Fung in La Jolla CA

Shengqi and I enjoyed a post-pandemic reunion at Din Tai Fung in La Jolla. We were very happy to see each other, to be out, and to enjoy this wonderful array of dumplings. The staff was very helpful and friendly. The crowds in the restaurant clearly shared our enthusiasm.