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Marietta: Marietta Diner

Marietta Diner is on Cobb Parkway. Unfortunately, that large sign across the front of the building doesn't face the highway, so it won't be as easy to spot as you may think. The space inside is large, bustling, and comfortable. Every meal starts out with a basket of fresh bread and a sample of spanakopita. I ordered chicken marsala for my dinner. The presentation was more what you would expect from a Greek diner, with a slightly heavier sauce and a good dose of nutmeg. The chicken itself hit the spot. But I was disappointed to make a quick trip to the restroom just after ordering and coming back to discover that my table, including my drink and appetizer, had been cleared. This isn't the sort of thing that makes diners feel welcome.

DEN: Tamales by La Casita

I just found out that my favorite Mexican restaurant in Denver, Tamales by La Casita, has a branch at DIA. It's in Terminal C in the central food court. I am a tamale nut, so when presented with a restaurant that features tamales, there is no question what I will order. My pork tamales were excellent. The filling had that wonderful combination of tamale tastes and spices. The masa's slight sweetness complements the pork perfectly. I ordered mine Christmas style: one red and one green. I must say that the red sauce was my favorite. It had just the right amount of burn going down, enough to be pleasant but not too strong. I really enjoyed my lunch.

Denver: Humboldt: Farm Fish Wine

Cathy suggested Humboldt for our lunch meeting. It's located on a quiet side street in a residential neighborhood east of downtown. We arrived early enough to be able to sit outside and enjoy the wonderful weather. For our main courses, Cathy ordered a fish sandwich served on an English muffin, which she said was wonderful. I chose roasted chicken, which was flawlessly executed. The meat was very juicy and the skin was very crispy, giving a great texture contrast. The skin also had a nice dose of salt, which was an unexpected and pleasant accent. For dessert, Cathy ordered creme brulee and I ordered the chocolate cake. The cake was very good but I think Cathy's made the winning choice. The brulee was both creamy and eggy with a wonderful flamed crust on top.

Denver: The Delectable Egg

I enjoyed my breakfast at the Delectable Egg. The restaurant itself is bright, open, and sunny but it has a lived-in, comfortable feel that is very welcome at breakfast. A curated experience can be fun for dinner but at breakfast I want to relax and wake up. I had a vegetarian omelet that was very tasty. The veggies were cooked but not mushy. The hash browns had plenty of crisp but still enough softness. And they give you pitchers of both water and coffee, the mark of a place that understands what people need at breakfast.

Denver: Milkbox Ice Creamery

i happened upon Milkbox while wandering around Union Station. It has quaint, old fashioned decor and very good ice cream. They sell their ice cream by the ounce, which was perfect since I had just finished a big dinner. This is their salted caramel ice cream, which was outstanding. It was rich with caramel flavor and a hint of salt, but without overwhelming the creaminess of the ice cream. Their ice cream sandwiches looked extremely tempting. I expect to visit here again.

Denver: Buckhorn Exchange

The Buckhorn Exchange is a touristy but fun reminder of old Denver. It was founded 120 years ago by one of Buffalo Bill's scouts. As you might guess, they specialize in meat: beef, buffalo, as well as several types of game. And to add to the carnivore buzz, the place is jam-packed with stuffed animals. All the meals come with a salad and bread. They were fine, nothing special. But the salad isn't why you come here. I thought about ordering a mix of buffalo and beef but decided to keep things simple and stick with the beef tenderloin. The meat was very well trimmed, leaving me only a very small piece of fat to deal with. I'm not sure where they source their beef, but it has a stronger, beefier flavor than standard grocery store meat. I ordered mine with Saratoga potatoes, the old fashioned name for homemade French fries. The Saratogas were very crispy and delicious.