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Steak from the Broiler

Steak was on the menu for dinner. But it was cold and windy outside. Even I have my limits. I decided to cook my steak indoors in the broiler. I had picked up a Piedmontese steak and was looking forward to try it. I couldn't get a big crust from the broiler but my steak was wonderful nonetheless. The Piedmontese steak was tender and flavorful. My homefries and brussel sprouts made wonderful complements.

Mix-and-Match Cuisines

I paired roasted tofu with my tomatillo sauce. Add roasted brussel sprouts and rice for a wonderful meal.

Fussy French Toast with Bananas and Strawberries

Bananas and strawberries is my favorite breakfast combination. Frozen strawberries work very well in this application. I am grateful to have so many choices for my food.

Sourdough Whole Wheat Bread

This loaf turned out very nicely. I used the 100% whole wheat recipe from King Arthur Flour. The result is always delicious and moist.

Upside Down Turkey Pot Pie

I wanted to use my turkey leftovers to make a turkey pot pie. I decided to try a variation with biscuits. I made a traditional pot pie filling with plenty of vegetables and rich with potatoes. I made some biscuits. I put the biscuits on the bottom and loaded the filling on top. This version allows me to make fresh biscuits every time and avoid a soggy, unfrozen crust.

Bleu Cheese On My Salad

It's a simple thing, I know. But simple things can bring pleasure. I hadn't bought bleu cheese in awhile. Some flavor memory prompted me to pick up a piece. It made a great addition to several salads.

Roast Turkey Dinner

I picked up a couple of frozen turkeys after Thanksgiving and put them in the freezer for later. I pulled out one for roasting. Not only did this turkey provide a wonderful dinner, the leftovers provided several more excellent meals. I am grateful for this food and for my ability to conserve and prepare for days ahead. A freezer is a valuable tool for healthy, independent eating.

Steak on the Grill

I'm not going to let a little snow stop me from enjoying a grilled steak. My Loeffel Meat Shoppe steak was wonderful with home fries and brussel sprouts. I also made some sourdough bread. I think the pale crust came from the wax paper I used to cover the dough as it rose. It may have looked funny but it tasted great warm with a little butter.

Huevos Rancheros for Breakfast

I've come to love huevos rancheros for breakfast. They are a perfect combination of savory, hearty, and sweet. The canned, organic refried beans from Super Saver make this an easy meal, too. I used my tomatillo and Hatch chile green sauce on top. I am grateful.

The Take-Out Lifestyle: Harbour Coffehouse

An errand gave me the chance to enjoy some coffee from Harbour. The staff was very friendly and helpful. I took my coffee back to the car for the drive home. Thanks, folks!

Peach Pie

Planning ahead has benefits, as does owning a freezer. I didn't buy as many peaches as typical this year but I managed to put away a few. I pulled a bag of frozen peaches out of the freezer to make this delicious pie. Each slice is sunshine.

Delicious Leftovers

Leftover brisket from the freezer. Fried rice made from leftover rice of the day before. Add a few frozen vegetables and an egg. I couldn't ask for more.

Fried Rice

I don't think that I have ever made fried rice. I had some leftover rice and gave it a try. I put out the rice overnight in a bowl to dry. I then fried it in a little oil. I didn't have fresh aromatics so I used dried. I then added frozen vegetables along with sesame oil and soy sauce. Last, I added an egg and scrambled. The process was simple, the result was tasty and filling. I am grateful.

The Take-Out Lifestyle: Mr. Hui

Tofu with vegetables from Mr. Hui. Mmmm, good. And quite the comfort food. Thanks again, folks!

Gingerbread Pancakes

I am intrigued by gingerbread and I think it is a particularly good flavor for a morning wake-up. I used the recipe from the King Arthur book but modified it to use my sourdough starter. Add some banana slices for a wonderful breakfast. I am grateful.

Eggplant Parmesan for Dinner

Eggplant is plentiful in winter and makes a great dinner. I breaded and fried. I topped the slices with some of my homemade tomato sauce and a little cheese. I added some pasta on the side. What a wonderful meal. I am grateful.

The Take-Out Lifestyle: Arthur Bryant's

Quite the take-out lunch, isn't it? Baby back ribs and beans from Arthur Bryant. A perfect meal.

The Take-Out Lifestyle: Vienna Diner

Vienna Diner or earlier versions have been a mainstay of Johnson County dining. Breakfast is an important meal and I was happy to have the chance to see what they could do. My veggie omelet was tasty and very satisfying. The hash browns were great. I could eat only part of my biscuit but it was a nice way to top off the meal. And I of course enjoyed my coffee. Thanks, folks!

The Drive-Thru Lifestyle: Panera in Paducah

Caesar salad and a cup of squash soup---hearty and satisfying. Thanks, folks!

The Drive-In Lifestyle: Jiffy Burger in Manchester TN

Manchester is a good mid-point for lunch and a break on the road between Atlanta and Nashville. I originally drove over to a fast food emporium near the highway. When I saw the long line, I realized that Jiffy Burger was just a mile away. I probably ate faster after driving to Jiffy Burger than I would have by staying in line at Chainsville Fast Food. My double-burger was superb, wonderfully meaty. My onion rings were similarly outstanding. My server was very friendly and courteous. Thank you, Jiffy Burger! Keep up the good work!

Amy's Thai for Lunch

I needed a light lunch at home. I found some Amy's in the freezer and knew that was my best bet. This vegetarian Thai lunch was tasty and very easy to prepare. Thanks, Amy!

The Take-Out Lifestyle: Dinner from Matthews Cafeteria

My dinner from Matthews was a wonderful Southern meal: fried chicken, fried green tomatoes. This meal was provided to me free of charge. I had visited Matthews the Sunday before and got out of my car to see if they were open. They were not. Mr. Matthews happened to be in the front window and motioned that they were closed. As I walked back to my car, I heard him whistle at me. I went into his office where he said, "I'm very sorry, I would like to give you a meal." He pulled a bent card out of his wallet and filled it out for me. He then waved his hand and said "We've been here sixty years!" I explained that I was very aware and had spoken with his son before. Mr. Matthews was both proud of his efforts and concerned that he had somehow let me down. That kind of service, folks, is why Matthews has been in Tucker for sixty years. I wish them many, many more.

500,000 Thanks to You!

Blogger tells me that this blog has just passed the 500,000 views milestone. I am very grateful to all of you who choose to spend a little time with me at this blog. Food is always important in our lives. The pandemic has brought us to appreciate even more the importance of food as both physical and social sustenance. I have no qualifications to write on this subject other than eating three meals a day. Nonetheless, you choose to stop by and share our common experience. Thank you!

Lunch at Sprig

Catherine and I met for another very enjoyable, socially-distanced lunch on the patio of Sprig. We started, of course, with grits sticks and that wonderful tomato bisque. We each ordered our own variation of salad with protein. Both wonderful, of course, And the Sprig staff is extremely gracious. Thanks, folks!

The Take-Out Lifestyle: Nancy's Pizza

A pizza craving led me to order from Nancy's Pizza, someplace I haven't tried in quite some time. I picked up my pizza from a friendly and efficient crew and took it home to enjoy. Nancy's is a stuff crust pizza, wonderfully rich without being over the top. This was a veggie pizza. The toppings were excellent. Nancy's sauce is great, nicely balancing tangy and sweet. Thanks, folks!

The Drive-Thru Lifestyle: A Treat from Aroma

I didn't need a big lunch. A bagel with cream cheese sounded ideal. Aroma was there with exactly what I needed. Thanks, folks!

The Take-Out Lifestyle: Dog Days in Peachtree Corners

I spied Dog Days on an errand run and put it on my list for a visit. I made it there a few days later. They feature real Chicago-style hot dogs and Italian beef, another Chicago favorite. My hot dog was great. The dog itself was rich and meaty. The bun was soft with nice poppy seeds. It had all the trimmings, right down to the sport peppers. This puppy didn't last long. Thanks, folks!

Meatball Dinner

These meatballs feature a combination of pork and beef, a superb union of tastes. Add some rotini pasta, sauce, roasted brussel sprouts. The result is a delicious and healthy meal for which I am grateful.

Meyer Lemon Cream Pie

A special on Meyer lemons at Lidl gave me the thought to make a Meyer lemon cream pie. Several types of recipes float around the Web. I went with a cooked lemon custard. To keep things simple, I used a store-bought graham cracker crust. For further simplicity, I topped it with some canned whipped cream. The result was both attractive and delicious. The less bitter Meyer lemon makes a great choice for this type of pie. The filling was relatively subtle with just enough tang to balance the eggs and sugar.