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Eating Around Georgia Tech: Six Feet Under

I hadn't been to Six Feet Under and I was in the mood for salmon, so I headed over. When I arrived, I realized that I had never blogged about this place (gasp!). So here it is. The room is very light and airy with lots of space. They provide you with valet parking, taking care of one of those persistent Atlanta problems. The restaurant doesn't have a lunch menu, so the prices are relatively high for lunch, but the portions are very generous. Here is my salmon. It was a little fishy for my taste but generally well prepared. The crisps on top were very crunchy and they gave a particularly good contrast to the grits underneath. The slightly charred asparagus was great---not overcooked, great texture.

Sandy Springs: Canton Cooks

Canton Cooks is on Roswell Road in Sandy Springs. I stopped there for lunch. I didn't see the dinner menu, so I can't fully judge their offerings, but I would classify this as a solid, workmanlike Chinese restaurant. I selected one of my go-to dishes, kung pao chicken. Overall, it was well prepared. I was particularly impressed by the mushrooms: fresh, not canned. That's a chicken wing on the plate, a novelty for Chinese lunch. The egg roll was crispy. The won ton soup that kicked things off had a flavorful broth, not one of those radioactive yellow concoctions.

Suwanee: Dillard's Barbecue

I stopped by Dillard's for something to eat after spending time on the Suwanee Creek Greenway. Dillard's is an outpost of the small-time rural South across the street from the very modern town hall. The menu has BBQ but also burgers and dogs. It carries a good range of vegetables as well. I was satisfied by my meal but this isn't a destination stop. The beans tasted canned. My pulled pork was swimming in sauce that had a bit of tang that I liked; the meat was a little soggy but not bad. The collard greens were tasty but could have used a little more pork (this is the South, after all.)