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Lunch at Lazlo's

Lazlo's was hopping for lunch; we needed to wait a few minutes for a table. The staff was very attentive and friendly. My salad was just what I needed---greens and proteins. Thanks, folks!

Homemade Pasta and Meat Sauce

I'm working on my pasta technique. I have given up for the moment on rollers. I rolled this pasta with my big rolling pin, then cut it with my Japanese knife. The result was a little thicker than what one can get with proper use of the rollers but still pretty darn good. My meat sauce combined my homemade tomato sauce and some fine Loeffel Meat Shoppe ground beef.

Lunch at Taqueria Limon

Another great lunch from my favorite food truck, Taqueria Limon. My bean and cheese pupusas go great with my corn cup. I can eat in my car and watch the traffic go by. Thanks again, folks!

Lunch at Imperial Palace

The food court at the Nebraska Union is open. Not all restaurants are working but Imperial Palace is ready to serve. Kung pao tofu is my favorite lunch, hearty and full of flavor. Thank you, folks!

It's What's for Dinner

I cooked up some patties of fine Nebraska ground beef. Add some corn kernels and a little pasta with tomato sauce and I had one outstanding dinner.

On The Road: Early Dinner at Arthur Bryant's

Some of the best food in the world is just off I-70. How could I pass up this opportunity for a slightly early dinner? The place was busy but the crowd didn't extend out the door. Delicious and satisfying! The staff was extremely courteous as always. Thanks, folks!

On The Road: Breakfast at First Watch

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, particularly when driving. Hotel breakfasts in the pandemic era tend to be limited so restaurants become an important option. First Watch in O'Fallon was hopping when I visited. The staff was very friendly and courteous. My omelet kept me going through the morning, not to mention the coffee. Thanks, folks!

On The Road: Chevy's in O'Fallon IL

After a long day of driving, I wanted a satisfying dinner. So many restaurants were jam-packed with people enjoying themselves that finding with a short wait was challenging. After several tries, I found that the nice folks at Chevy's were able to make me a to go dinner on short order. I waited at the bar and a few minutes later my fajitas arrived. I took them to my hotel room to enjoy. Thank you, folks!

On The Road: Lunch at Jiffy Burger

The double Jiffy burger is a perfect lunch for a drive. Thanks once again, folks!

Lunch at Top Spice

Masaman tofu from Top Spice, wonderful as always. Thanks, folks!

Metamucil Fiber Thins

Who knew? The cookies are very sweet and go down easily.

The Take-Out Lifestyle: Breakfast at Starbucks

Coffee cake and coffee, a combination made in heaven. Starbucks in Kroger did the trick---thanks, folks!

Cincinnati: Adriatico's

Adriatico's seems to be a mainstay of the University of Cincinnati neighborhood. They offer a large restaurant with plenty of tables and TVs but I chose to take out my pizza. And a mighty tasty pizza it was---great sauce and satisfying chew on the crust. The staff was very friendly and helpful. I enjoyed my pizza so much I ordered another the next day. Thanks, folks!

Cincinnati: DiBella's

Di'Bella's is a tradition in the University of Cincinnati neighborhood. They really know how to make a meatball sub: tender meatballs, sauce that has been cooked a long time for that tangy place. I enjoyed them more than once on my visit. Thanks, folks!

On The Road: Gold Star Chili

I found Gold Star Chili during a gas stop in Kentucky. I had heard a little bit about Cincinnati chili but had never tasted it. This was my opportunity. This is what Gold Star calls a three-way (although it arguably has four components): chili, spaghetti, cheese, and oyster crackers. The components are kept separate to maximize freshness. This attention to detail is what makes Gold Star so good. The chili is spiced with cumin, something I very much enjoy. Everything about this was great. I stopped at another location a few days later for a five-way that included both beans and chopped onions. Both the locaitons were very friendly provided great service. I am now a big fan of Gold Star. Thanks, folks!

On The Road: Subway at TA Travel

On a drive through Tennessee and Kentucky, I needed a short stop for lunch. The TA Truckstop was at the right place at the right time. And Subway was the right answer for lunch. Thanks, folks!

Fitzgerald Fruit Farms

Fitzgerald Fruit Farms is always a happy stop on a road trip in southern Georgia. These times make the fresh air, wonderful food, and friendly people a true respite. I had to enjoy some peach ice cream, of course. I went home with a box of strawberries. Picked that morning, they went into my mouth that evening, possibly the best strawberries I've ever tasted. Thank you so much to everyone at Fitzgerald, including the farm workers as well as the staff at the shed!

Lunch at Blackbird Cafe in Woodbury GA

Bill and I met in south Georgia and enjoyed a very nice lunch at the Blackbird Cafe in Woodbury. The place was hopping and the staff were very helpful and friendly. The sweet potato fries were great. Bill enjoyed his salad and sandwich. My quesadilla was very satisfying. Thanks, folks!

Breakfast at Waffle House

Classic place... ...classic breakfast. Thanks, folks, for another great breakfast!

Lunch at Royal China's New Location

Royal China moved from Chamblee to Duluth shortly before the pandemic shutdown. Deep and I had tried to eat there a few months ago to find they were closed. Now they are open again with a beautiful new restaurant. Our dim sum lunch was superb by any measure and a wonderful break from eating from a bag in the car. Their new location is huge and splendid. And the dim sum plates just kept coming...

Breakfast at Donnie's

Donnie's has been a mainstay of Clairmont Road breakfast for decades. I was happy to have the opportunity to visit and enjoy my breakfast special. The proprietors were very friendly and welcoming. Thanks, folks!

Dinner at Himalayas

I was happy to see Himalayas open in their beautiful location in old Chamblee. The staff was helpful and friendly as always. And the food was delicious---malai kofta extra spicy with a garlic naan on the side. Thanks, folks!

Lunch at Top Spice

Top Spice in North Druid Hills is one of my favorite restaurants. I was glad to have the chance to visit them for lunch. The dining room served only a few people while I was there. All my food was up to their delicious standards. The staff was, as always, friendly, welcoming, and helpful. I started with comforting coconut soup. My main course was my usual panang curry with tofu. Thanks, folks, for this delicious lunch!

Breakfast at McDonald's

Breakfast is a difficult meal to find at restaurants. I woke up hungry and my first option for breakfast was blocked due to flooding. I turned around and put on my thinking cap. I ended up at McDonald's to enjoy this quick, satisfying breakfast. Thanks, folks!

Dinner at Oriental Pearl in Chamblee

I was in the mood for a comforting dinner. I decided to visit Oriental Pearl, someplace I haven't visited in awhile. The dining room didn't have many people but the restaurant seemed to have some delivery business. The staff was very friendly and helpful. Satisfying and delicious. Thanks, folks!