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Dunwoody: Vintage Pizzeria

Vintage Pizzeria in Chamblee is one of my favorite spots but I had never before been to their Dunwoody location. Good news---same great food, same great service. I ate on their spacious, airy porch. I started with my favorite salad. Eggplant parm is my go-to entree. It never fails to disappoint. Their sauce (gravy for you New Jerseyans) is hard to beat, a perfect balance of sweet and tart.

A Visit to Waffle House

Waffle House is an old reliable; the worse things get, the more Waffle House shines. I paid a trip for a post-breakfast snack. My server was very welcoming and helpful. I concentrated on grits and coffee. They made a very satisfying late-morning snack.

A Simple Mango Shake

I took advantage of a trip to Buford Highway Farmers Market to pick up two treats: mango nectar and fancy yogurt. I decided to combine the two into an imprompto approximation of a mango lassi. I chilled them both but didn't have any crushed ice. THe result was very satisfying and extremely simple to make.

Salmon for Dinner

Kroger carries great salmon. I saw this beautiful hunk on sale and couldn't resist. I pan-fried the salmon steaks. I cooked up some home-fried potatoes. I added mixed vegetables from the freezer to make a delicious, healthy meal.

Lunch at Sprig

So nice I visited it twice! Catherine and I enjoyed a wonderful, relaxing lunch on Sprig's patio. We started with grits fries, of course. I ordered a salad topped with Sprig's excellent salmon. Catherine and I took our time and enjoyed each other's company.

Popcorn With A Sesame Twist

Necessity is often the mother of invention. I couldn't find any other oil for my popcorn so I used sesame oil. The result was great. The popcorn had a nice, nutty note that started small and lingered very nicely. Sesame complements popcorn very well, as it turns out. This is a great popcorn popper, by the way. It goes directly into the microwave. I believe that it comes originally from QVC.

A Triumph of Internet Technology

CNN reports here on , a very clever Web application that maps the location of McDonald's restaurants with broken ice cream machines. The site determines this automatically by placing an order for ice cream on the location's order page. If the ice cream machine is broken, that location will take the ice cream off the menu. Pretty darn clever. Kudos to the site's developer Rashiq Zahid!

A Brookhaven and Chamblee Evening

Brookhaven is growing quickly but parts of it still have the feel of a small Southern town. Old Brick Pit is one of those places. The place was hopping at dinnertime with all sorts of people enjoying eating on the porch. I ordered and enjoyed in my car. My pork sandwich was excellent, as usual, as was the slaw. The Old Caboose is another homey spot in the old part of Chamblee. Mint chip ice cream goes great with a fall evening.

Decatur: Waller's Coffee Shop

Catherine gave me the tip about Waller's. It is located near the DeKalb Farmer's Market. Its location reminds me of an earlier, simpler time. Waller's has a long track record of live music. I believe that they still have some performances held outdoors. Their outdoor space is wonderfully charming. I pulled up a chair and enjoyed my coffee and pastry along with some peace and quiet. Thanks, folks!

Dinner at Sprig

Dinner at Sprig is always a relaxing, welcoming experience. Their outdoor seating makes dinner there even more of an oasis visit during these times. Grit fries are always on my order list. The fries are great and I always eat the tomato dipping sauce with a spoon. My salmon was rich, flavorful, and perfectly cooked. I tried this warm cookie for the first time---positively addicting. Thanks, folks, for the wonderful evening!

Norcross GA: K-Factory BBQ

I managed a visit to K-Factory BBQ in Norcross. The staff was very friendly and the grill arrangement is well-suited to separated small groups. Condiments and appetizers are a big treat in Korean BBQ. Great taste and wonderful textures. I ordered the all-you-can-eat lunch. Beef, pork, chicken---all great and plenty of it. The grill gives excellent taste and cooking yourself is a lot of fun. Thanks, folks!

The Take-Out Lifestyle: Village Burger in Dunwoody

Village Burger was hopping on a nice autumn day. I picked up my veggie burger and enjoyed it in the car. This burger gives the complete burger experience: umami, crunchy lettuce, sweet tomato, soft bun. Thanks, folks!

Dunwoody GA: Zukerino's Pastry

I was in the mood for a treat, the perfect excuse to visit Zukerino's. I took home a few cannoli and these ginger-y cookies. Both were fantastic. Thanks, folks!

Pot Roast

Pot roast requires very little prep, mainly dredging the meat in flour and browning. You dont even need to cut up the vegetables. The result is savory and delicious. I am grsteful to enjoy such a delicious meal.

Steak at Poivre

First class comfort food.

The Take-Out Lifestyle: Praise The Lard BBQ in Tucker

Praise the Lard is, in my opinion, the best BBQ in the Atlanta area. Since I couldn't come up with another reason to be in the area, thus providing me an excuse to drop by, I dropped all pretense and drove there just for their wonderful BBQ. I ate my burnt ends, greens, and carrot souffle in the car. Another wonderful meal that was prepared and served by wonderful people.

Eggplant Parmesan

At this point, I have eggplant parm down pretty well. Relatively thin slices work best. I use the standard three-step coating: flour, egg, bread crumbs. Fry in the skillet to crisp, then bake for a few more minutes in the oven. The result is tasty, hearty, and relatively healthy.

The Take-Out Lifestyle: Einstein Bros.

I needed a light lunch after an appointment. Einstein Bros. made a good stop. Their setup was pretty well adapted to the times, although I was surprised that their credit card equipment requires so much touch. My food was the classic I expected---power protein bar toasted with plain cream cheese and a coffee. The combination of the bagel and cream cheese make for a good textural contrast. Everything made for a comforting meal. Thanks, folks!


My visit to the new Lidl in Dunwoody was my first to this chain of grocery stores. The store is laid out spaciously. The selection of goods is reasonable but focused. If they have what you want, the prices are very good. And they don't charge a rental fee for a shopping cart.

The Delivery Lifestyle: Royal Spice in Dunwoody

Sometimes life gets busy. That's when delivery comes in handy. I went to the Royal Spice Web site and placed my order. A half hour later, a very nice man dropped off a big bag at the door. My vegetable korma was creamy and nicely spiced. The garlic naan was a great complement. THanks, everyone!

Dunwoody GA: Crema

Coffee is one of those small luxuries that can pick one up beyond the effect of caffeine. I stopped by Crema in Dunwoody for a very enjoyable experience. Their drive-thru service is impromptu yet very efficient. They work without a built-in window, working from an outside table. My coffee was tasty and my server was very gracious. Keep up the good work, folks!

On The Road: Jack's BBQ in Nashville

Jack's is a great stop for a meal while driving through Nashville. I used their drive-through window for the first time on this trip. I ordered pork this time, very satisfying and porky. All the sides were great. Their cornbread and its sweetness goes very well with pork.

On The Road: #Dutchfix in Pella IA

I stopped at Pella and was delighted to see #Dutchfix right next to the exit. I resolved to sample their menu. This is frites with curry ketchup. That extra kick is a great change of pace for a classic. I couldn't resist poptjes Amsterdam style---strawberries and Nutella. Great stuff!

The Take-Out Lifestyle: Eat Thai in West Des Moines IA

After a long drive, I wanted a dinner that was both healthy and satisfying. Thai food sounded like a good bet. I used the opportunity to try a restaurant in West Des Moines, Eat Thai. They provide takeout/delivery only. I ordered from the parking lot and sat in my car as I waited for them to let me know my dinner was ready. I took my food back to my room to eat on the comfort of a table. My masaman tofu was tasty, a nicely spiced sauce. The tofu and vegetables fit the bill for comfort food. Thanks, folks!

The Take-Out Lifestyle: A Bahnwich Lunch

Bahnwich is a great place that I looked forward to visiting again. They are busy but only provide take-out. That's fine with me. I took my bag down to the park on 27th Street. My Ultimate Bahnwich and Vietnamese coffee were even better with a little outdoor sun. I alos tried their waffle, which was excellent and included some coconut milk.

Banana Bread for Mom

Banana bread has always been a family favorite. Mom loved to make it and eat it, too. Now is the time of life in which I make banana bread for her. Several years ago, she declared that the Better Homes and Gardens recipe was best so that's what I made. I used ripe bananas from Super Saver. Mom told me that she really enjoyed it---just what I wanted to hear.

Smoked Pork Chop With Hatch Chile Green Sauce

I made enhanced my tomatillo green sauce with some Hatch chiles. Transformed would be the better word. The result had smoky and vegetal notes along with the heat. The sauce was simple to make, requiring mainly a spin in the blender. It went perfectly with my Loeffel Meat Shoppe smoked pork chop.

Lincoln NE: Bagels and Joe

I decided to try Lincoln bagels so I headed over to Bagels and Joe for some breakfast The selection of bagels is large; they also serve quiche. Witty tells me that if you arrive early---earlier than I usually venture out---you can snag a bagel fresh out of the oven. My bagel with cream cheese was tasty and delicious. Bagels come in several styles. Bagel Joe's bagels are more of the bready variety, less chewy. I took home a half dozen to put in the freezer for some at-home bagel treats.

Smoked Pork Chop for Dinner

A meal doesn't have to be fancy to be satisfying. I heated up a delicious pork chop from Loeffel Meat Shoppe. I heated some frozen peas and corn. THe result was delicious, just filling enough, and nicely balanced between smoke, sweetness, and vegetal. I am grateful for this delicious meal.

Hermann MO: Stone Hill Winery

I learned about the history of Stone Hill Winery from this History Guy video . A drive across Missouri gave me a chance to visit this beautiful place. I arrived at lunchtime and enjoyed this wonderful German Trio: schnitzel, sauerbraten, wurst, potatoes. The meats were tender and flavorful, the sauces were rich and smooth. After lunch, I stopped by the wine shop. Tastings were going on outside with perfect views of the vine-covered hillside. The wine selection is excellent. I plan to stop by Stone Hill again and take more time to enjoy the town of Hermann.