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Tucson AZ: Bisbee Breakfast Club

Bisbee Breakfast Club is a small chain; I visited the location on Broadway in Tucson. The restaurant is large with a bright interior. The room is decorated with some drawings of Bisbee, a turn-of-the-century mining town. The service was a little spotty on the day that I visited. The food was very enjoyable. My veggie omelet was fluffy and rich. The hash browns were superb. The browned crunchy bits contrasted perfectly with the soft insides. My sourdough toast was very tasty.

Tucson AZ: Feast

The Farmers and I enjoyed a wonderful, sumptuous meal at Feast. The restaurant is located on Speedway a mile or so from the University of Arizona campus. The space is large and inviting with a high ceiling and large windows. The space also includes a wine store with a substantial collection but ordering wine with your meal is the traditional process. The service was excellent; the owner stopped by twice to check on us. Mp< We started with three appetizers. The top photo shows the shrimp with coffee mole. The coffee was a perfect note, a great complementary flavor that was just strong enough. The second was an artisanal cheese plate; the chorizo was a particular hit around the table. The third was lamb in the shape of a falafel, which was very tender and juicy. Our main dishes included coq au vin, beef short ribs, and salmon. Mine was the short ribs. The portion was very generous and satisfying. The meat was fork tender and full of flavor. The grits had a perfect consist

Tucson AZ: Luke's Italian Beef

Luke's Italian Beef is conveniently located for us golfers near the Randolph Golf Course. I stopped by after a round for a lunch of this Chicago favorite. This mural outside highlights Luke's Italian roots. This sandwich smelled as good as it looked as I unwrapped it. I ordered it with cheese and hot peppers. It also came with a few olives, which I really enjoyed and don't remember seeing before. It was sloppy and juicy and delicious. It didn't last long.

Lincoln NE: Hurts Donuts

Hurts Donuts is located in downtown Lincoln in a stately building that belies the playful food inside. Hurts calling card is the wide variety of unusual and creative toppings for its donuts. Grad students need fuel, so we picked up a spread to sample. I always want to try both the raised and cake donuts---or at least that is my excuse---so I tried half of a Cookie Monster and half of a mint Oreo. Both were excellent without being overly sweet. I didn't get a chance to try their coffee. I guess I will have to save that for my next visit.

Lincoln NE: Lazlo's

After the seminar, we retired for dinner and discussion at Lazlo's. The space is large and inviting with a brewry attached. The menu has a variety of burgers, sandwiches, and fried chicken as well as a selection of Omaha Steaks. ? We started with a lavash, which I'm told is a Nebraska classic. It is a crispy flatbread covered with cheese and other toppings of choice; we included chicken on our selection. It was very tasty and not overly filling, a good choice for an appetizer. Everyone else ordered a variety of burger which they reported were great. I ordered the ribeye, which was outstanding. It was perfectly aged and very tender,. For dessert, we each ordered shooters. They are large enough to give you a satisfying taste without overloading. My chocolate, ice cream, and walnuts were very enjoyable.

Lincoln NE: Hub Cafe

For lunch, a group of students took me to Hub Cafe for great food and conversation. It is a farm-to-table restaurant serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. THe space overlooks the river trail with a beautiful view. I started with a lapsang souchong tea with a wonderful smoky aroma. Everyone enjoyed their main course. I really liked my pork gyro. A spicy spread gave a nice Asian touch to the hearty meal. I also really enjoyed my squash soup. We finished the meal with these wonderful handmade chocolates. I tried the one with some sort of fruit, perhaps strawberry but I could be wrong. Each paper had been painted with a layer of chocolate, then filled with a superb caramel, and then coated on top.

Lincoln NE: Tina's Cafe

Justin pulled out the stops to show me an outstanding breakfast at Tina's Cafe. It is located in the industrial part of Lincoln; a junkyard dog's house overlooks the parking lot. The menu is on the sign in front. Inside, Tina knows what the regulars will order even before they walk in the door. We ended up trying each of the two styles of breakfast rolls. They differ in their toppings---white icing vs. sticky with pecans. Each of these is half of a roll; we packed the other two halves back. I ate the sticky role with pecans and melted butter on top. It was decadent and delicious. The butter added a pefect touch. I needed some protein for balance. I really enjoyed my veggie omelet. It was tender and rich with a topping of cheese. The filling included onions, green pepper, and mushrooms. This is big food, made for people who work hard. It is also very well prepared and served with a familiar warmth that I'm sure keeps the regulars coming back.

Update: Sprig

I am happy to report that Spring is going strong. The view of the adjoining park was beautiful. I started with these cheese grits fries---cheese grits sliced into railroad ties, coated with a light breading, and lightly fried for crispiness. They were delicious and gave an intriguing combinations of textures. The dipping sauce was thick with cheese and delightful. My main course was this beautiful salmon. I ordered it medium rare, which made it enjoyably soft and moist. The plating gave a Japanese twist. Noodles underneath the salmon gave some starch and a nice bit of texture. The bit of teriyaki sauce around the sides added a umami boost. I managed to sneak a peek at these grouper tacos. They were filled with big chunks of breaded and fried grouper.

DTW: Reflections

Reflections is part of the Westin hotel connected to DTW's Delta terminal. The hotel has its own security screening site so getting back into the terminal is very easy. The food isn't cheap, but the staff does an excellent job of smoothing jangled nerves amid a calming reflecting pool. The meal starts with bread. It gives a comfortable chew and good flavor. The softened butter adds a welcome note of richness. For my main course, I ordered the salmon. It gave me the rich protein boost I needed after my flight. The meat was cooked to medium, tender and juicy on the inside with a slight crust on the outside. The beans were luscious, with a great cream texture. I finished with a cappuccino and a few minutes relaxing by the reflecting pool.

Chamblee: Bismallah Grill

Bismallah Grill is a new entry in the Buford Highway derby. It's small and cozy; the owner was very hospitable and gracious. The food is good, too. Their menu is an interesting mix of styles. It combines hard-core Indian entries like the mixed grill with very traditional Chinese dishes. I ordered the chili chicken, which I found very satisfying. The chicken was very flavorful and tender. The brown sauce was rich enough to be a complement but not overwhelming. It also passed the tears-of-joy test: I teared up but could still read. The tea deserves special mention. This is full-on Indian tea, complete with spices and milk. It's the sort of drink that makes you think Americans are too wimpy with our tea.


Exercise demands its reward of protein; a good round of BBQ is the perfect follow-up to a round of golf. Today, my 19th hole was at D&T BBQ. This is excellent BBQ and I will be back. I pulled up just in time to watch the pitmaster load wood into the smoker. The ribs came out very, very hot. I let them cool a few minutes before I ate them. The bread on top---which was whole wheat rather than the usual white---acted as an insulating layer. Once I dug in, I found them to be excellent. Each rib had a nice, red smoke ring. The meat was toothy and very satisfying to eat. If you are going for the carnivore experience, you may go all the way. The pork flavor came through perfectly. I asked for sauce on the side. It was so good that I took a sip after I finished the ribs. The best way I an describe it is very smooth. None of the flavors are overpowering but each comes forward in its own way. My initial impression was sourness from the vinegar. The tomato sweetness came

Decatur: Sankalp

Sankalp is the newest entry in the Atlanta Indian food derby. It's located just down the block from Patel Plaza. It is bracketed by no U-turn intersections so it takes a little planning to get there. I found my lunch to be well worth the trip. Lunchtime is a buffet. It's entirely vegetarian so far as I could see. Don't miss the side bar of soup and sauces My trip to the buffet netted me with several tasty items. Everything was well-spiced but not hot. The surprise hit of the plate was the dal, combined with corn and, I believe, some cream as well. Your breads are custom cooked. They are the perfect size for lunch, satisfying but not overwhelming. This was a very enjoyable and satisfying lunch.