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Pancakes with Apples

I have made apples a regular choice for my morning fruit. I enjoy not just their sweetness but their texture, firm even when fried. I am grateful for little things like mouth feel.

On the Road: Smokin' Stan's in Norfolk NE

Johnny Carson came from a prosperous town. Norfolk's main street stretches through its downtown to display its many businesses. Smokin' Stan's is just off the main drag. The staff was very helpful and friendly. Stan's has plenty of outdoor seating but I took my brisket sandwich to my car to enjoy with some radio. The Nebraska beef was tender, moist, and beefy. The bun framed the meat perfectly. Thanks, folks!

On the Road: Ohiya Casino and Resort

The Ohiya Casino is owned by the Santee Sious Nation, just down the road from Niobrara State Park. I stopped by for a few minutes to relax. I picked up a quick snack at Legends and walked around the casino for a few minutes. It's a nice place staffed with friendly people. I look forward to returning. Perhaps I can even stay at the hotel and play a little golf.

On The Road: Burrito King in Columbus NE

My drive in the country saw me in Columbus, Nebraska at lunch time. Burrito King was convenient and even had its own drive-thru window. I picked up my burrito at the window, pulled over to a parking spot, and enjoyed. My beef burrito was quite large and very tasty. The succulent Nebraska beef was accented with just the right amount of heat from the peppers. Great job, thank you!

Caffeine Upgrade

I upgraded my caffeine delivery system. I owned a wimpy little caffeine maker many years ago. This machine is a world apart. It's amazing how different my grocery store coffee tastes through this new brewing method.

Coffee at The Mill

The Mill is a favorite for coffee. I visited the Nebraska Innovation Campus location for coffee. Great staff, great coffee, wonderful seating both indoor and outdoor. Thanks, folks!

Breakfast at The Hub

I haven't enjoyed a breakfast at the Hub for awhile and I was glad to see that they are OK. The staff was friendly and helpful as always. The setting makes breakfast that much more enjoyable. Huevos rancheros is one of my favorite breakfasts here. This dish naturally displays a balance of flavors and textures. The Hub's staff renders them particularly well. Thanks, folks!

Lunch at Taqueria Limon

Witty and I met for an excellent outdoor lunch at Taqueria Limon, my favorite food truck. Two bean and cheese pupusas and a corn cup make a hearty meal that kept me warm all afternoon. Thanks, folks!

Apple Cherry Fussy French Toast

I combined some leftover canned cherries with some fried apple to top my fussy french toast. Apples and cherries are a great combination.

A Black Forest Cake

A Black Forest cake is a great treat. The icing is whipped cream, making it particularly fragile. All the more reason to eat it right away.

A Sacher Torte

The Sacher torte, having been created before the advent of baking powder, relies on classical technique. You start by whipping a meringue from egg whites and sugar. Can you imagine doing this by hand before the invention of the electric mixer? You then fold in some flour and bake. Soak in apricot preserves, coat with a chocolate glaze, and sign with melted chocolate. Of course, a slice is properly topped with whipped cream.

An Improvised Breakfast

I had a couple of elements that I don't normally use together: refried beans and homefried potatoes. I decided to make a jumble meal out of everything. It was tasty and hearty. I am grateful for this simple breakfast.

A Simple Cake

I am on a streak of cake-making. This is a simple yellow cake from the King Arthur cookbook. The incredibly rich buttercream is from The Cake Bible.

Banana Bread for Mom

It is a pleasure to be able to bake treats for Mom.

A Visit to Pleasant Hill Grain

I needed a new batch of wheat berries for baking. I decided to pick up my bucket rather than have it delivered. After a pleasant drive, I found myself at the Pleasant Hill headquarters. The grain elevator behind them suggests that they won't run out of wheat any time soon. The staff was very friendly and helpful. I drove home ready for another year of baking. Thanks, folks!

Hunting for a Spork

I needed a spork for a project. Where does one find a spork? The answer seems to be at fast food restaurants. Sporks are also made for camping but these are both more expensive and more durable than my needs require. I headed to KFC and ordered some mashed potatoes with not one but two sporks. The friendly staff was very happy to help. Thanks, folks!

Green Chilie with Beans

I soaked some dried beans overnight. The next day, I cooked them in homemade turkey stock. Toward the end, I added some of my green chile sauce (Hatch chiles, tomatillos, onions) along with some extra tomatillos. The result was very tasty, although next time I will increase the proportion of chile to tomatillos. This is a hearty and healthy meal for which I am grateful.

Lunch at Heoya

Witty recommended Heoya for lunch. It's located in a Philips 66 with a very nice seating area. The staff was very friendly and helpful. The menu has big Korean and Vietnamese elements. That's a multinational pig on the sign. My lunch was great. The pork had a nice smoky flavor and the noodles were a treat. The egg rolls were crunchy and full of flavor. Thanks, folks!

Olive Braid Loaf

I hadn't made olive braid loaf in awhile. I started with an Italian-style dough that includes a little olive oil. I divided it into three pieces and rolled them out. I spread them with some very nice green olives that Witty gave me. After closing the cylinders, I started to braid. My braiding technique still needs a little work---the two ends aren't quite symmetric. I added an egg wash and sesame seeds before baking. The result was both delicious and beautiful. Thanks for the olives, Witty!

Salmon from Alaska on the Grill

Justin took pity on me and dropped off a piece of a salmon he caught in Alaska in the Before Times. It was delicious with great flavor and wonderful, meaty texture. Grilling set off the flavors perfectly. Thank you, Justin!

Apple Pancakes

I've been a banana breakfast person for quite some time. But I've decided recently to shift the mix to include more apples. I made whole wheat pancakes using the recipe from King Arthur. I fried some apple slices for my topping. I added a little honey. Delicious and healthy. I am grateful and satisfied.

Tuna from Super Saver

I saw this tuna in the freezer case at Super Saver and decided to give it a try. I prepared a couple of pieces as blackened, something I haven't tried in awhile. The result was tasty: good texture, good flavor. My frozen tuna provided a nice change of pace for my dinners. Thanks, folks!

Whole Wheat Bread

This loaf is pretty and tasted great. There's nothing quite like freshly ground whole wheat.

Lunch at Mary Ellen's

Mary Ellen's, one of my very favorite Lincoln food trucks, has opened a location in south Lincoln. Witty and I stopped by to try it out. The decor is vibrant and the staff is friendly and helpful. Witty tried the dog. I ordered the riblets. Everything was great, as always. Thanks folks and congratulations on your new location!

Hatch Chili Green Sauce

I kept this sauce simple. My Hatch chiles had been roasted when they arrived; I pulled some from the freezer. I roasted tomatillos and onion. The proportions were probably something like 60% tomatillos, 30% chiles, 10% onion. I put everything into the blender. Eaten straight, the sauce coasted on my tongue for a few seconds, then kicked in with some nice heat. My sauce goes wonderfully with sauce. When added to food, the heat is more modulated. Perhaps next time I will use a few more of those precious Hatch chiles. But everything was splendid.