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Roast Chicken

Roast chicken is simple to make and plenty satisfying. My pan had one of those a-frame racks that allowed me to perform an approximation of spatchcocking. I cooked at 400 degrees and was rewarded with a crispy skin. I cooked some onions and carrots on the side.v Wonderful! I am grateful.

The Delivery Lifestyle: Dinner from Royal Spice

Royal Spice has great food and very prompt delivery. For this dinner, I decided to order something that I haven't had in awhile---malai kofta. It was a very enjoyable meal, rich and creamy, with enough heat to get my attention. I of course ordered garlic naan and veggie samosas to complement. Another great meal. Thanks, folks!

Burgers On The Grill

I took an opportunity to grill some burgers. I ate just a little bun to concentrate on protein. Rich, savory, wonderful with some mustard. I am grateful.

Chattahoochee Coffee Company

Chattahoochee Coffee Company has great coffee and nice people. What more could you ask?

A Visit to Mediterranean Bakery

Mediterranean Bakery is a favorite of mine. Sometimes I visit for a snack of zatar bread. This visit was for lunch, although I did manage to sneak in a taste of zatar. My falafel sandwich, enjoyed in the comfort of my car, was fresh and tasty. Falafel provides a wonderful combination of cruncy outside and soft inside that goes very well with bread. The falafel and sauce were both very flavorful. Thanks, folks!

Dunwoody: Coffee at Crema

Crema in Dunwoody is a very enjoyable coffee house; they also have a very efficient drive-up service. I scored a coffee, smooth and robust. I also tasted one of their baked goods, which was similarly enjoyable. Thanks, folks!

Christmas Breakfast

Fussy French toast made from store-bought sourdough bread, bananas, strawberries. Tasty, nutritious, filling. I am grateful. Peace to all of you.

Salmon For Dinner

Kroger has amazing deals on salmon. I bought a half salmon at a very reasonable price. I pan fried it and had enough for several meals. Salmon is my favorite fish: rich, full of flavor, thick and bountiful. I am grateful.

On The Road: East Park Donuts and Coffee

I needed to make a stop in Nashville. I chose East Park Donuts and Coffee as my destination. East Park a rapidly gentrifying neighborhood; old residents gather on the corner in front of new buildings. I ordered a donut and coffee, then returned to my car to enjoy. The donut was excellent: dense crumb, rich chocolate ganache on top. Every time I took a bite, I kept thinking of fried chicken. My best guess is that the potato flour in the donut reminded my senses of a fried chicken dinner with mashed potatoes. In any case, the combination of donut and fried chicken notes is a real treat. Thanks, folks!

On The Road: Lunch at Caribou Coffee

I had been driving for several hours. I wasn't very hungry but I needed something for lunch. I wanted something quick and easy. I found a Caribou Coffee and decided to try their food for the first time. I believe they called this little hand snack an omelet but I thought of it as more of a quiche. It gave me the protein fix I needed. The iced coffee was a great. I am grateful to everyone at Caribou for being there to take care of me.

The Take Home Lifestyle: Lunch from Mr. Hui's

I love peanuts, so Mr. Hui's kung pao tofu makes a great vegetarian meal. I picked up an order for lunch and took it home to enjoy. Savory, a little sweet, tasty and filling. Thanks, folks!

A-Maize-N Caramel Corn

Popcorn must be a Nebraska thing. I see it in stores and at treat shops. A-Maize-N has its own store but I stopped by Schmick's to pick up some of their caramel corn. It is sweet but not overpowering, very tasty. Thanks, folks!

Friday Night Is Steak Night

"It's Marilyn, isn't it?" The folks at Loeffel Meat Shoppe know me by name. What can I say? Friday night is steak night.

A Variation on a Sacher Torte

I decided to make a variation on a Sacher torte. I started with the traditional cakes, raised with meringue. Rather than the almond syrup, I soaked the cake with cherry syrup. I added sliced almonds in both the middle and on top. Of course, I served it with some whipped cream. The result was delicious and a little different.

A Favorite Lunch at Taqueria Limon

Taqueria Limon on Cornhusker Highway has become a reliable friend. My favorite lunch there is a cheese pupusa and a cup of corn. Both are great comfort food. The combination of cheese and corn is spectacular in taste and beautifully simple. I ordered, then waited in my car. When the owner waived, I picked up my bag, took it back to my car, and enjoyed. Thanks, friends.

Pork and Beans

I've had a bag of dried beans in my pantry for awhile. I hydrated them, added chicken stock, and cooked. I added some of Witty's pork belly. The result was simple, hearty, delicious. Thanks, Witty!

Dairy Store Ice Cream

When I went to East Campus to pick up my meat, I decided to stop by the Dairy Store for some ice cream. I entered with thoughts of chocolate in my head but I immediately switched my allegances to lemon custard when I saw it in the freezer. Creamy, rich, smooth, lemony, perfect. Thanks, folks!

Squash Soup

Squash soup is a hearty, flavorful meal for winter. When I spied some leeks, I was ready for action. The base includes chicken stock and heavy cream. I roasted the squash before adding it to the soup. The result was several wonderful meals for which I am grateful.

A Bountiful Harvest of Leftovers

This meal is mostly leftovers---only the asparagus is fresh. Leftovers have always been seen as lesser meals. I think it is time for us to remind ourselves that leftovers are a sign of abundance. I had the money to buy more food than I needed that day. I had the time to prepare it. And I had the luxury of storage. This meal was delicious and I am grateful.

The Take-Out Lifestyle: Lunch at Amin's

I have been curious about Amin's for awhile. Located on 27th Street, it combines a grocery store and restaurant. I went to the restaurant side and found a menu with the middle Eastern classics and a few intercultural items. I decided to try the falafel plate. I ordered, waited outside, then came back in to pick up and take home. This was a great lunch. Everything was wonderfully spiced and perfectly balanced. The falafel were a wonderful treat, probably my favorite. I used the plentiful bread to scoop up the hummus. Thanks, folks! I will be back.

Hastings NE: The Home of Kool-Aid

Hastings, Nebraska is the home of Kool-Aid. The city pays respect to its heritage at this building across the street from its impressive train station. Thanks, Hastings, for keeping us kool! What would we do without that giant anthropomorphic pitcher crashing into our lives?

Grand Island NE: Wave Pizza Company

I took a drive around central Nebraska. I arrived in Grand Island at dinner time and drove around thinking about dinner options. When I passed Wave Pizza, my decision became clear. Who can pass up a giant shark? (Marketing tip to the Wave folks---why not put a pizza in his mouth?) I called in my order, waited, then went inside to pick up my pizza. I took it back to my car to enjoy. My mushroom and green pepper pizza hit the spot. The toppings were pretty finely chopped but I could clearly taste them. All the ingredients came together nicely to create a satisfying pizza experience. Thanks, folks!

Turkey Tacos

Leftover turkey encourages creativity. I picked up some fresh corn tortillas at the store. Turkey tacos was the logical use. Tasty, convenient, fun.

Pumpkin Ricotta Pie

This is the time of year for pumpkin pie. I substitute ricotta for some of the pumpkin to add richness. The result is smooth and velvety. I also like to add some ginger as well as the traditional cinnamon and nutmeg. Small treats are big blessings.

Apple Cake

I made some yeasted apple cake from Classic German Baking . I paired it with omelet and coffee for breakfast. Delicious and not too heavy. I am grateful.

Lumpia Express

I've seen Lumpa Express's sign for several months now but they seem to have just opened. I decided to give them a try for lunch. Their menu is Phillipino with a lot of hearty, homey dishes. My chicken adobo was succulent and beautifully spiced for great flavor. The sauce infused into the bed of rice, giving it a nice, warm glow. This was a very enjoyable lunch. Welcome, folks!

Baked Pork Rinds

I picked up these baked pork rinds at Leon's. Great stuff: tasty, crisp, not too greasy. I had to pace myself.

A Visit to Leon's

Leon's is a classic supermarket in midtown Lincoln. I paid my first trip to order my Thanksgiving turkey. The meat and deli counters are a highlight of the store. Overall, the store has a good selection with quite a few specialty items. Any store that stocks Rao's sauce is OK with me.

Mushroom Lasagne

David Lebovitz published this recipe for spicy mushroom lasagne that I found intriguing. I decided to make a non-spicy version. The filling is a ragu made with mushrooms rather than meat. Here is the assembled lasagne before going into the oven... it is on the way out... ...and here it is on the way to my stomach. This recipe smelled great while it was cooking. It delivered a great umamu experience wrapped in homey pasta. I will make this again.

Skillet Breakfast

I used my skirt steak to make a sumptuous skillet breakfast. I added potatoes, eggs, cornbread, and Christmas-style sauces. The components were leftovers so everything came together quickly.