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Washington DC: Jaleo

I haven't been back to Jaleo in quite some time so I was glad to have the opportunity to return. I ordered the lunch card which turned out to be amazingly generous. These potatoes and sausage we're delicious and close to a full meal in themselves. Next, some nice greens. yle="clear: left; float: left; margin-bottom: 1em; margin-right: 1em;"> My sausage was savory and had a nice little kick. This delicious custard was the coup de grace---I was completely stuffed.

Washington DC: Dinner at Pesche

Pesce came up with another great dinner. I started with the beet salad. My rockfish was the best fish of any type that I have had in quite some time. It was moist, mild yet flavorful, and very hearty. A little chocolate ice cream polished it off.

Washington DC: Bangkok

Bangkok is located in the lower level of a brownstone just off Dupont Circle. My dinner was efficient and enjoyable. My tofu curry was pleasantly savory--fish sauce? More than enough to keep me going.

Washington DC: Ankara

nkara proved to be a good spot for a delicious, efficient Sunday lunch. The service was very gracious. Doesn't this tee look great? Nice bread. My two main items were very good: brussel sprouts and falafel.

Breakfast at the Dupont Circle Hotel

I was favorably impressed by my several breakfasts at the Dupont Circle Hotel. I alternated between two meals. One was blueberry pancakes with salmon, an unusual but refreshing choice. The other was eggs and a great potato galette. I really should work galette technique.

Denver CO: Savory Spice Shop

No pictures this time, but I stumbled across the Savory Spice Shop down the street from REI. This charming neighborhood was one of the earlier parts of Denver to be rejuvinated and the shop has been there for quite some time. The manager was very helpful and explained the store very well. I bought a package of white peppercorns, something that I've been thinking about for awhile. I have really enjoyed the distinctive flavor. I've used it both on my omelets and some beef stew, in both cases a lively and distinctive addition.

Denver CO: The Kitchen

The Kitchen is a hip, upscale restaurant in the Denver LoDo district near the old train station. I was in the mood for salmon and my entree satisfied. The salmon was well cooked without being overly cooked; the skin came off cleanly allowing me to enjoy the meat. The greens complemented the salmon nicely.

Denver CO: Stella Geels & Co.

Stella Geels is an inviting coffee spot in the historic Pearl Street neighborhood of Denver. It has been located in a comfy house for a good 20 years. People were scattered inside and outside to enjoy their coffee and the beautiful day. I enjoyed my coffee, too.

Denver CO: Panzano

Cathy and I enjoyed an excellent dinner at Panzano in downtown Denver. Despite being a large venue, the service has an intimate and welcoming feel. These brussel sprouts are their signature dish. This dish's fame is well deserved. Our server gave us copies of the recipes when we asked. I will try to make them at home. I enjoyed this outstanding red pepper soup that perfectly balanced heat and cream. My salad was refreshing. My main course was this pork chop. It was a thick, two-bone cut and cooked to give the perfect balance of juiciness. The chop was hearty without being overwhelming. Cathy reported that her Bolognese was rich and hearty. We both sampled this fig pastry. Everything about it was very delicate, just the right touch after a big meal. The fig puree was remarkably subtle, providing a good fig flavor without being overdone.

Denver CO: The Nickel

Cathy and I planned my visit over a very enjoyable meal at The Nickel, located by the CU Denver campus. The space is elegant and service very welcoming. The Nickel specializes in charcuterie so that's what I ordered. The meats were types that I don't often see and I really enjoyed them. Cathy was very satisfied with the meatiness of her burger. I sampled one of her fries---very good.

Denver CO: Gaetano's

Gaetano's, in the Denver Highlands overlooking downtown, has been around for 70 years. I enjoyed both my dinner and the atmosphere. Service was very gracious and welcoming. The meal started with a warm loaf of bread, of course. Next came a Caprese salad. The aged Balsamic vinegar was a nice touch. My eggplant parmesan was thinly sliced to give a nice balance of textures. The serving of spaghetti below was just the right size. I couldn't resist these cannoli for dessert---crispy on the outside, sweet and smooth on the inside.

Boulder CO: South Side Walnut Cafe

Rhonda and Karl caught up over a very enjoyable breakfast at South Side Walnut Cafe, located at the bottom of the hill below the National Center for Atmospheric Research. My short stack of blueberry pancakes were fluffy and tender. I tried to balance out all those carbs with scrambled eggs. A very nice scramble... ...and quiche.

Coal Creek Canyon CO: Coal Creek Coffee

I got up early to drive through the Colorado mountains. I found myself in Coal Creek Canyon on a small road with houses but few tourists. The view from WOnderview at the top of the ridge was spectacular. But that Kind bar I had eaten two hours earlier wasn't holding up. That is when I spotted Coal Creek Coffee. To be open 8:30 AM on Sunday morning was astounding. The staff was very nice, as were the patrons. One of the locals asked to be sure that they still had "hippie sugar" which turns out to be turbonado. That was a good one. My muffin didn't make the photo---too hungry. But I managed to slow down a little to enjoy some of my coffee while I surveyed the collection of board games. After a few minutes, I got back in my car to take in more mountain beauty.

Golden CO: Abejas

Golden is a small mining town at the edge of the Rockies that has become remarkably hip. Abejas sits between the Colorado School of Mines and the Coors brewery. Their food is excellent. I managed to grab the last seat at the bar and was treated with the utmost of grace. Most of the food at Abejas has a deconstructed presentation. My Bibb salad was excellent but I was compelled to ask what I should do with the dollop of dressing on the side; I was told that it was there just in case I wanted a little more dressing. The rose hips added some sweetness and a little tartness. My trout was very moist and very tender. Rose hips once again featured in the ensemble. My Swiss hazelnut cake was outstanding. It was nicely sweet but not overpowering. The deconstruction helped me to better appreciate the ingredients. I could dip the cake into the ground hazelnuts and chocolate for an accent.

SYR: Johnny Rockets

I needed lunch before I caught my flight back to Atlanta. The Syracuse airport is fairly busy and post-security provides several sit down options. I enjoyed my grilled cheese sandwich and salad at Johnny Rockets. While some of the food on their menu was a little rich for what I needed, this meal hit the spot. The staff was very friendly, too. I am grateful that they were there.

Syracuse NY: Lemon Grass

Senem and I had a chance to catch up and plan ahead over an excellent meal at Lemon Grass. The restaurant is located in a charming building in the historic section of Syracuse. Our service was very gracious. We started with these superb dumplings. The sauce perfectly balanced heat and savoriness. The noodles were silky smooth. My hot pot dinner was just what I needed on that cold day: hearty, savory, rich with vegetables. Dessert was a highlight. My slipper was edible through and through. It was both delicious and spectacular. Senem declared her dessert equally delicious and spectacular. The Parisian theme on the desserts was a nice touch.