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DTU: Spice Boat

Food trucks are a global phenomenon. I managed to catch Spice Boat on the DTU campus just as it closed. The owners were very accommodating and kept the oil going for a few more minutes. My samosas were hot and aromatic. One this hot shows off the essential pleasure of the samosa: a very crunchy outside containing a soft, comforting center. Many foods around the world aim at this goal. I think that a good samosa comes as close to the bullseye as any of them.

Copenhagen: Mastek

Mastek is located near the water in a former industrial area. The brick building provides high ceilings and a welcoming environment. The staff was superb. I was able to sit at the bar where the kitchen staff welcomed me. Their food was superb. The bread combined a very soft crumb with a nice, crunchy crust. My server highly recommended the lobster, which was an excellent choice. The meat was perfectly tender. I watched the kitchen staff plate it with peas and greens, then whip a foam to finish it off. The greens and peas sparkled with freshness. My dessert combined several elements that show off the best of Nordic ingredients. The strawberries were bright. The ice was made from a green that really popped both for its flavor and its coldness. The cream gave a smooth complement.

Copenhagen: Nice Cream

My evening walk in Copenhagen wouldn't be complete without some ice cream. I stopped by Nice Cream to learn that all their ice creams are vegan. A vegan ice cream is a huge challenge and my interest was piqued. My mint chocolate chip was superb, very creamy and rich. I never would have guessed that it was vegan. Great job, Nice Cream!

Copenhagen: Rosetta

I was hungry at the end of the day and needed a simple meal. Rosetta fit the bill. Their pizza reminded me of Sicilian, although a little thinner. It shares the crusty bottom and rectangular shape of the Sicilian style. They threw me a curve by presenting it to me folded, which made eating my slice much easier. It tasted good and kept me going, a satisfying meal.

Lyngby Denmark: Brede Spisehus

Our summer school convened to enjoy dinner and discussion at Brede Spisehus, located at the site of a 19th century factory. The location was splendid and the service was superb. Danes are superb bakers and this bread was very enjoyable. The seeds common to Danish breads are a treat. This cod was my favorite dish of the meal. The flaky, tender fish was matched by a dill sauce that wrapped itself around the fish in a way that sprinkles of dill never could. Our meat, as I recall, was extremely tender lamb. The potatoes gave a nice touch of heartiness. Spinach hid underneath to provide a nice flavor contrast. Berries, tart and sweet, are a highlight of Danish cooking at all courses. This pairing of berries and chocolate gave spectacular flavors and was remarkably light.

Copenhagen: Dag H

Dag H satisfied my need for fine fish. The restaurant's name seems to be a reference to Dag Hammarskjold. The decor was light and welcoming, the service very friendly and accommodating. Given my proximity to salmon waters, I couldn't pass up the chance for a plate of salmon. It was perfectly cooked with a bit of light sauce on top. The potatoes gave it some heartiness and the asparagus a bit of green. My dessert wasn't as heavy as it looked---much of it was whipped cream that set off the tart and sweet Danish berries perfectly.

Copenhagen: Osterburg Ice Cream

Danes love their ice cream. Walking about eating ice cream after dinner seems to be a tradition. I decided to partake after my dinner at this small shop. Out of this assortment, I went with raspberry, a refreshing choice. When it came time to pay, I was introduced to modern Denmark's aversion to physical money. I was directed to put my coins into a huge machine. It made sounds straight out of Terry Gillian's Brazil before spitting out my change. It seems that plastic is the preferred medium of exchange.

Copenhagen: Cock's & Cows

I wanted to cap my first day in Copenhagen with a satisfying, simple meal. A burger at Cock's & Cow fit the bill. I started with a mini salad. The dressing was tangy and quite tasty. I ordered my burger bunless; I compensated with some cheese and bacon. The result was meaty and satisfying.

DTU Foodlab

I was lucky to receive a tour of the new DTU Foodlab by its director, Roberto Flore. The lab has a broad mission to understand and innovate on problems related to all aspects of food, going well beyond cooking. The lab considers topics ranging from food production and distribution to the social aspects of food. Roberto has an impressive background in food and agriculture, including heading the R&D operation of world-renowned Noma in Copenhagen. Food is a complex topic and the melding of engineering, sociological, and biological principles being pursued at FoodLab should produce great results.

Lyngby Denmark: Coffee at DTU Science Park

You can find a new video at the Atlanta etc. YouTube channel here on my coffee break at the Danish Technical University.

CPH: Espresso House

I arrived at Copenhagen hungry after a pair of flights. I haven't visited in quite some time and was amazed at the huge shopping mall that is the main terminal. Shops of all persuasions are mixed with a wide range of restaurants, ranging from takeaway to sit-down. Once I had changed some money I decided on a quick bite at Espresso House. This photo gives you an idea of the wide range of sweet pastries. I went for something simpler---a brown roll with butter and cheese all chased with a coffee. This snack was simple enough to eat while I waited for my luggage, satisfying enough to keep me going for the afternoon. My server spoke perfect English and with grace.

Veggie Bowl at Moe's

Moe's, at Clairmont and Lavista, is one of my lunch mainstays. The food is consistently excellent and the staff are very friendly. My regular dish for the past year or so has been a non-pizza item. The veggie bowl combines several tastes to make a tasty and filling lunch. Rice and beans are combined with soft vegetables. The feta cheese on top provides both protein and tang. I could eat this every week. Come to think of it, that is exactly what I do.

Los Andes Bakery Refound

I refound Los Andes bakery in a corner of Peachtree DeKalb airport, near Far East Motors. I haven't had a chance to try it yet m

Eating Around Georgia Tech: Lunch at Highland Bakery

I enjoy eating at Highland Bakery but I don't wander very often to that side of campus. A meeting with Eric gave me a perfect chance to remind myself of the pleasures of their sandwiches. This is the caprese with tomato and Mozzarella on toasted sourdough. The toast was just the right thickness to capture a crunchy outside and soft interior. The sourdough flavor peeks its head out to enliven the cheese.

Dinner at Sprig

I enjoyed another excellent meal at Sprig. I once again ordered my salmon. I also managed to taste the grits fries at the start and a bite of cake at the end of the meal. The service was, as always, extremely gracious.

Eating Around Georgia Tech: Lunch Buffet at Ray's

Eric invited me to a lunch meeting at Ray's, giving me the chance to reacquaint myself with their buffet. Here is the pizza part of the buffet. I usually start with a salad where I can eat my fill of rabbit food. The chickpeas give me a good dose of protein. I topped off my meal with a pizza treat. The buffet is both relatively healthy and satisfying, a good combination.

Chamblee: Dinner at Himalayas

I enjoyed a leisurely dinner at Himalayas at their (relatively) new Chamblee location. The meal started, of course, with papadum and chutney. I can never decide which chutney I like best... My malai kofta was very enjoyable. The spices were very forward. I think that ginger was one of the principal notes. Their tender texture makes for great comfort food. Garlic naan made an excellent complement. Their assorted appetizer platter provided a wide range of temptations.

Pittsburgh: Lidia's

Phil and Cindy joined me for a very enjoyable dinner at Lidia's. The restaurant is the flagship of Lidia Bastianich, the cookbook author and cooking show host. The food was outstanding and the service was superb in its easy elegance. The meal started with an assortment of breads and two dips. Our server warned us that the calamari platter was huge. He did not lie to us. It actually contains a variety of seafoods and vegetables. All were outstanding. We couldn't finish the plate. Cindy ordered this lamb. I snagged a bite and it was excellent: tender, moist, just the right amount of char on the outside. Phil and I ordered the unlimited three pasta meal, including a Caesar salad and dessert. The salad was excellent. I couldn't finish that, either. The pasta is served directly from the pan. All were fresh, all were outstanding. My favorite was the fusilli. I don't think that I have ever had fresh fusilli before. The texture and bite were ve