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Eating Around Georgia Tech: Antico

My new startup friends Andrew and Danny took me to Antico. This is a hot new spot in town in the building formerly occupied by Jaqbo. It offers truly outstanding pizza whose style is more Italian rather than New York both in the style of pizza itself and the atmosphere of the restaurant. This view is of the back entrance, which lets you say hi to the chefs and see their three wood-fired ovens. Everyone sits at communal tables, some of them in the kitchen itself. The place was hopping when we were there but the service was remarkably fast (though somewhat unsystematic in a charmingly Italian way).

Danny models our pizzas, a Margherita and a bianco. The sauce was ligher than what you see in the typical pizza, very delicate and flavorful. The cheese was outstanding in taste and texture. The crust was excellent, though we all agreed that it was slightly soggy and could use a little more crispiness.

As you can see, Antico also has an extensive collection of Italian desserts. The chef told me that they make all the desserts themselves. I had a sfogliatelli and my friends had cannoli. My sofgliatelli was the best I've had in probably a decade: crispy layers on the outside and soft creamy filling on the inside. The cannoli were reported to be excellent and very satisfying.

We were there for lunch but it is also open for dinner. But they stop serving when they run out of dough, so don't wait until too late at night. This is a must-eat restaurant in Atlanta. I plan to be a regular.

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